Head shot of a young male teacher with thick black hair, a goatee, a blue shirt, and a yellow tie, in front of a yellow wall with black music notes taped to it.

Mario Benabe

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New York

Mario Benabe is the Special Education Mathematics Specialist at the Bronx River High School. He holds a B.A. in Culture and Deviance Studies, as well as minors in Sociology and Latin America Latina/o Studies from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He is currently completing his M.S.T. in Special Education at Fordham University. Driven by his passion for his appreciation for his community in the South Bronx, Mario currently serves a member for the Regional Strategy Team for Leadership For Educational Equity in the New York Region where he hopes to be involved within a growing movement of educational reform.  

"I do this work because it gives me an opportunity to understand my younger self though my interactions with my students. I see how my experiences offered me a chance to create an engaging classroom that students truly feel like it brings in who they within the classroom. Every day is truly a humble experience and I plan to do more for my community working with on the Regional Strategy Team in New York for Leadership For Educational Equity. I would like to say thank you to Teach For America, especially the New York Region, with people like Mary Piantadosi, Katie Ware, Deshaun Mars, Margaux Zanelli, Dayna Joy, Rosanny Ventura, and many others on staff have truly supported me in this teaching profession. If I could share right now the amount of stories of how they’ve helped me, this story would not end."