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Leah Fabel

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Associate Editor, One Day magazine
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Leah Fabel is a Teach For America alum (Chicago '01) and has been at One Day since 2011. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, who is also an education journalist, and their two sons.

Posts by Leah Fabel

By Leah Fabel
June 5, 2017
Achievement First Greenfield is what happened when a school network said its best wasn’t good enough. A new design comes alive.
By Leah Fabel
June 5, 2017
9th grader Naia is into her new school and its big plans for VR, AI, and student side hustles. Take the tour.
By Leah Fabel
April 18, 2017
Encouraged by a favorite teacher, a student of Somali heritage has a goal: bring agriculture engineering expertise to her native Kenya
By Leah Fabel
March 14, 2017
For hydrologist Lindsey Sheehan, getting stuck in the mud is part of the "coolest job ever"