Joseph Myers

Joseph Myers

Job Title
Director, Talent Placement and Matching
Manchester University
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Corps Region: 
South Dakota
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Tell us 10 quick facts about yourself.
1. I was born in Ohio, but moved to Indy when I was 5; thus, Indy is home.
2. I grew up on the northside of Indy (in Geist) and loved it!
3. I actually still live in Geist so I'm not sure I used past tense in fact number 2.
4. I realized my 3rd fact was more of a comment on myself than an actual fact...just like this one is.
5. My favorite color is red and black. 
6. Red and black are actually two separate colors, but they complement each other so I always claim them both as my favorite color.
7. I am a dog lover! I can constantly be found chasing after my Fox Terrier, Jasper, as he's always getting himself into trouble.
8. I'm a frequent writer and am currently pursing an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing.
9. My facts are really long.
10. This is my last fact!

What were you like as a child?
As a kid, I always wanted to know how things worked. I was constantly getting in trouble for breaking things; however, my parents didn't always know that I was breaking them because I wanted to figure out how they worked and if I could put them back together. More often than not, I was able to pull things apart, figure out what made them work, and put them back together again. Underneath all of that, I believe there was the constant need to know the 'why' behind everyone and everything I interacted with. I am, of course, still this way as an adult as it is incredibly hard for me to fully commit to something if I cannot find a compelling 'why' behind it.

What is your favorite quote, or a quote you live by?
"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” This David Mitchell quote from "Cloud Atlas" speaks to the 'why' behind my calling to help and serve others in everything that I do. I truly believe are all connected; our collective strength is made more beautiful by our individuality, but that individuality is bound up in the fact that each and every action we take is connected to someone, somewhere. 

Where is your go-to/favorite spot in Indy and why?
Tea's Me Cafe is by far my favorite spot in Indy. At Tea's Me, I have found the spot where I know the staff and the staff knows me. Everytime I go there, I am greeted with a huge smile, hug, and multiple friendly faces from other frequent customers that I've come to interactive throughout the past year and a half of spending almost every Thursday working from Tea's Me. When you come to Indy, you have to make sure you stop in and say hello! Tell them I sent you!