John Stoneburner in front of red background.

John Stoneburner

Job Title
Managing Director, L.A. Experience Design Team
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Los Angeles
Alumni Region: 
Los Angeles

John, a Los Angeles 2006 corps member, is managing director of the Los Angeles Experience Design team, which is charged with creating experiences for our corps members, alumni, and staff that fuel the movement towards educational equity in the region. Specifically, the Experience Design Team plans experiences for the full program continuum (incoming corps members, corps members and alumni) to ensure that our teachers are qualified to teach in California, prepared for their classroom experiences and roles as instructional leaders, and engaged as long-term contributors to our work so that as a local movement we can scale up our impact over the next five years. Additionally, the Experience Design team oversees staff experiences and engagement, external affairs and engagement, as well as Executive Director Support.