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DeRay Mckesson

Job Title
Co-Founder, Campaign Zero
Bowdoin College
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
New York
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Peter Jennings Award

DeRay Mckesson (@deray) is a protestor, activist, organizer, and educator focusing primarily on issues impacting children, youth, and families. He is also co-founder of both WeTheProtesters.org and Campaign Zero. 

DeRay previously worked for the Harlem Children’s Zone, TNTP, opened an academic enrichment center in West Baltimore, and with Baltimore City Public Schools leading systemic human capital change. He also previously served as the Senior Director of Human Capital with Minneapolis Public Schools. He taught 6th grade math in New York City as a corps member.

DeRay graduated from Bowdoin College.


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Education & Issues
By DeRay Mckesson
August 21, 2014
Ferguson wants blackness to be understood as complex, worthy, powerful, imaginative and gifted.