Head shot of a smiling older man, wearing a navy suit jacket, white collared shirt, and tie.

Cordell Haymon

Job Title
Senior Vice President
SGS Petroleum Service Corporation
Rice University
Louisiana State University

Cordell Haymon received his B.A. in economics from Rice University and J.D. from the LSU Law School. For 25 years, Cordell engaged in the practice of law, serving as President of the Baton Rouge Bar Association and on the Board of Governors of the Louisiana State Bar Association. He is past president of the Louisiana State Law Institute and on the board of trustees of the LSU Law School.

Cordell was the CEO and majority owner of Petroleum Service Corporation until its sale to SGS, a Swiss company based in Geneva. He continues as Senior Vice President of SGS Petroleum Service Corporation and on the board of SGS North America. He serves on the board (and is past chair) of the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association.

Cordell's areas of civic leadership include the arts (Chair of Arts Council of Baton Rouge), urban and regional planning (Chair of Center for Planning Excellence) and education. He currently serves on the board of Teach For America South Louisiana. He is married to Ava Leavell Haymon, who is the Poet Laureate of the state of Louisiana.