Headshot of Claire Rudder, a Teach For America board member.

Claire Rudder

Job Title
Elementary Teacher
Basin City Elementary
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 

Claire was raised in several different parts of the country, predominantly moving between suburbs of Boston and San Francisco. In high school, she started to volunteer at the Barbieri School in Framingham, MA, a nationally recognized, dual-language public school. Claire was so impressed and inspired by the school, and after graduating she went on to study Bilingual & ELL Education at the University of Arizona. In 2014, she graduated and joined Teach For America - Washington as a 2014 corps member in the South-Central Region. Last spring, she completed her M.Ed. at the University of Washington, with a focus on Language, Literacy, and Culture. Claire is currently in her fourth year of teaching at Basin City Elementary (her placement school), where her 1st graders inspire her to work harder every day. She is also a current participant in TFA’s Rural School Leadership Academy.

Favorite thing about Washington

I love the diversity of both the physical beauty and the people across the state. Plus, the amazing wine in the Columbia Valley is a great way to motivate friends to visit!

Education area you are most passionate about

I could talk forever about working with English Language Learners! These special kids contribute so much to their classroom communities and culture, and I am regularly blown away by their perseverance and determination.  

Biggest goal for the Alumni Board

I hope that the Alumni Board can become a more cohesive, visionary leader for all corners of our beautiful state. This especially means through elevation of the stories of Rural communities, which often are forgotten in telling the story of Washington.

Favorite Age/Subject to Teach

I love anything and everything primary! I’ve taught all the K-2 grades, and those small people with big hearts, minds and dreams inspire me to be better for them every single day.