Aviva Rosman

Job Title
Chief Operating Officer
University of Chicago
Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Chicago–Northwest Indiana

Aviva admits to being skeptical about TFA at first. She was worried about her ability to be a great teacher, and had a perception that people joined and then didn’t stay connected to education afterward. But her desire to get real-life experience that would help her gain the perspective necessary to be successful in policy work led her to join. After teaching for four years, Aviva held a number of additional roles related to educational policy before getting her Masters of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. She is now co-founder and COO of BallotReady, an organization that aggregates information about candidates to empower people to make informed decisions during elections.

Career Path

Teach For America: Chicago Corps
Aviva was in the first cohort of special education teachers in the Chicago corps. She taught for two more years after her corps commitment, staying with her freshman students until they graduated.
Hedgehog Facilitator, Noble Charter Schools
Aviva helped facilitate the integration and mastery of college readiness standards throughout the charter school network.
Graduate Fellow, Education Pioneers
EP fellows are consultants to leading education organizations. Aviva supported Stand for Children, creating a district strategy proposal for charter school accountability and teacher quality.
Policy Analyst, Stand For Children
SFC advocates for strong policies, elects education champions who keep children at the center of their priorities, and follows through to ensure policies are effectively implemented in classrooms.
Co-founder & COO, BallotReady
BallotReady makes it easy for voters to research candidates and make informed decisions based on what they care about. It provides free, nonpartisan information on every candidate and referendum.

Q & A

What skills from teaching do you bring to your current career?

As a teacher, you are hit with a lot of tasks and have to organize them really well because you are also teaching. Moving into an office environment, I felt I could do anything. I also became much more confident, and developed a firsthand perspective on policy that I have used throughout my career.

How has being part of TFA influenced the direction of your career?

It solidified what I wanted to do with my life. My background as a teacher has made me credible and helped me speak from experience to influence policy. The connections I’ve made through TFA also helped me get different roles. They connected me with a LEE (Leaders for Educational Equity) Fellowship and I got a job through LEE. LEE also helped me run for school council.

What surprised you most about your experience in the corps?

Going in, I was concerned that five weeks of training wouldn’t be enough. But you actually get an incredible amount of support through coaching and resources. Whenever I had a question, there was always someone to go to, whether online or during extra trainings in the office. Other new teachers didn’t have that.

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