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Teach For America Colorado executive director interviewing a guest.
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Podcast: Why Reaching Across Lines of Difference is More Important Than Ever

In the second episode of Teach For America Colorado’s podcast, The Through Line, we explore what it would take to unify a polarized country around building a better future for our kids.

November 20, 2018

The TFA Editorial Team

The TFA Editorial Team

Episode 2: Draw A Larger Circle 

How do we take on something as massive as building the future of education when our country feels more divided than ever before? In this podcast, Teach For America Colorado Executive Director Damion LeeNatali speaks with students, academics, psychologists, and others about immigration, poverty, and education. He also unpacks a new report that reveals some surprising and hopeful insights about beliefs held among Americans. If you find yourself wondering, “how did we get here, and how do we move forward?” this podcast is for you.

Listen here:

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