Student Voices

A student talks to a teacher
November 20, 2017
In a communications class at a high school in the East Bay, a third-year teacher coaches students to tell stories that matter.
Faviola Leyva
A girl dancing
June 29, 2017
Meet the exceptional students of RISE High who are re-imagining what high school should look like.
Carl Finer
June 5, 2017
9th grader Naia is into her new school and its big plans for VR, AI, and student side hustles. Take the tour.
Leah Fabel
Four girls sitting in front of a mural
Annie Mulligan
April 25, 2017
A group of citizen-advocates scored a win when Houston Independent School District was persuaded to change its discipline policies. Now this network is taking on new fights.
Paula Ann Solis
Two young women in white shirts cross the street, with a train on raised tracks visible in the background.
Sally Ryan
September 28, 2015
When students have the will to be leaders for social change, how can their schools support them?
Leah Fabel