School Systems

January 17, 2018
In Illinois and Minnesota, advocates for major shifts in education policy are celebrating victories that were a long time coming.
Leah Fabel
Two boys playing violins
December 18, 2017
Leaders of the Texas district-charter school SKY Partnership are now counting: how many kids complete college?
Ting Yu
What Happened Next: School-to-Prison Pipeline
November 8, 2017
Philadelphia scores a big success with career and technical education for students in the juvenile justice system.
Tim Kennedy
October 11, 2017
The city’s complicated, deep-rooted issues will not easily be solved. For these locals, that makes the challenge even more worth the taking.
Leah Fabel
Helping in Houston
October 10, 2017
From organizing kid zones at shelters to salvaging students’ college applications, meet some of the people who stepped up in the face of catastrophe.
Paula Ann Solis
Peter Jennings Award
September 6, 2017
Meet the winner and finalist of the 2017 Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership, honoring alumni whose work has led to transformational change in the past year.
The TFA Editorial Team