School Leadership

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June 11, 2018
We asked educators: If money were no object and every permission slip was signed, where in the world (or beyond) would you take your students?
Paula Ann Solis
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March 14, 2018
Apply to be part of a fellowship that prepares school leaders for the places that most need them.
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A mural of César Chávez welcomes students at the Chicago elementary school bearing his name. Over the past seven years, principal Barton Dassinger and his team have led the South Side neighborhood school to some of the best outcomes in the city.
Kristan Lieb
February 12, 2018
Is Principal Autonomy Part of the Secret to Boosting Student Achievement?
Leah Fabel
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Kyle Grillot
December 6, 2016
Danny Herrera's path has come full circle after leaving his job as a principal to become the assistant principal at his alma mater.
Susan Brenna
A school hallway with students walking.
June 21, 2016
One in two new school leaders leaves the job within three years. With enough supports, can Dallas reverse the trend?
Leah Fabel
A young female teacher with straight brown hair conducting a middle-school music class.
Students from Landrum Middle School, a traditional public school outside of Houston, and KIPP Courage, a charter school sharing the same building, join together for sports, extracurriculars, and electives like band.
Gary Coronado
May 7, 2015
District schools and charter schools don’t mix. Right?
Ting Yu