Question and Answer

A young boy rides his bicycle through Puerto Rico.
February 7, 2018
What will it take to get students back to school in Puerto Rico?
Leah Fabel
A woman
Andrea Morales
October 17, 2017
Moving toward educational equity often means taking a step back to understand yourself, your history, and the histories of others.
Paula Ann Solis
June 21, 2017
As oversight of New Orleans schools shifts once again, Kunjan Narechania knows that everyone is watching, and the stakes are high.
Ting Yu
A man standing
Emo Kadiyski
Jodi Hilton
May 2, 2017
Social entrepreneur Emo Kadiyski thinks his struggling home town of Vratsa, Bulgaria, can be a leading software development hub. He shares his story and vision with One Day.
Tim Kennedy
A farm
Paul Quinn College alum (left) Darciea Houston and current student TiYanna Wright work in what was once the school's football field but has been converted into a working community farm. In background is farm manager James Hunter.
Mark Graham
November 14, 2016
Helping students by requiring work and discouraging debt.
Tim Kennedy
Colorfully painted buildings
October 4, 2016
Two Enseña por México alumni are navigating a thorny bureaucracy to bring change for students, teachers, and principals.
Leah Fabel