January 10, 2018
Halfway through her first year of teaching in rural East Feliciana Parish, Jazmin Reyes is getting used to her pre-dawn routine.
A woman standing
September 8, 2016
Ramon Guerra has left his mark on the summer camp that inspired his teaching career.
A man with boxing pads on
Ramon Guerra goes by the camp name "Ares"
Dionne Lee
June 28, 2016
See how the founder of L.A. Compost works with students to create soil—and build community—in his hometown.
A man and a girl garden kale.
June 17, 2016
Updated, 6/17/16: A Philadelphia wrestling program takes tradition to the map and breaks down gender barriers for student athletes.
Four student wrestlers pose on a wrestling mat in at Philadelphia’s Mariana Bracetti Academy
Ronald Palmer, Luis Morales, Edwin Morales, Tatyana Ortiz, Joey Martinez
January 21, 2016
Two alumni on the Arizona-New Mexico border—one who's returned home, one who's made a new home—share why they've stayed.
A woman with shoulder length black hair, wearing a gray shirt, black pants, white and red boots, and a large green necklace, sitting in a hitched trailer, with a background of an outdoor construction site.
January 14, 2016
In neighboring towns, two teacher-friends see the ripple effects of mentoring girls.
A large white water tower reading, "Marianna;" in the foreground is a farm and two horses standing next to each other by a thin fence.
January 6, 2016
Rural America often struggles to keep college graduates and educators. In Leadore, Idaho, the superintendent of a 90-student school district the size of Rhode Island is staying put.
A man with a balding head, wearing a black sweater, gray pants and a black messanger bag, walking across a frosty green field towards a house, some distance away, with a mountain range in the background and a gray sky.
October 13, 2015
The Central County High School Garden Club not only produces fresh greens for school lunch, it also taps into the culture of local life.
A group of high school students gardening in wooden planters, with a view of rolling, forested hills behind them.