Helping in Houston
October 10, 2017
From organizing kid zones at shelters to salvaging students’ college applications, meet some of the people who stepped up in the face of catastrophe.
Paula Ann Solis
Erica Mosca
Bridget Bennett
October 2, 2017
Away from the glittery Vegas Strip, a scrappy network of students, families and education advocates is growing.
Paula Ann Solis
Reading with Patrick
August 31, 2017
Michelle Kuo returned to the Delta after law school to help a former student in crisis. She spoke with Arkansas native Eric Dailey about leaving, returning, and the power of two people reading together.
A young man in front of a fence
John Brady Brock
Jacob Biba
February 21, 2017
Now that city-dwelling Americans are tuning in to places like Harlan County, educators, students and entrepreneurs would like to set a few things straight.
Susan Brenna
A woman standing
Brennan Wesley
February 8, 2017
A 1968 protest ended with three young black men killed. Can history lessons help the town recover?
Leah Fabel
A woman looking over a river
Kevin Martinez
June 16, 2017
Brought to Texas as a child, Priscilla Aguilar Lumbreras had to be tenacious to get to where she is as a teacher. She's not giving up.
Tim Kennedy
A kid
Travis Dove
January 31, 2017
A network of educators in Eastern North Carolina is responding to devastating floods by ensuring kids have what it takes to rebuild.
Leah Fabel