Education Coverage

Two kids walking into a school
A mural of César Chávez welcomes students at the Chicago elementary school bearing his name. Over the past seven years, principal Barton Dassinger and his team have led the South Side neighborhood school to some of the best outcomes in the city.
Kristan Lieb
February 12, 2018
Is Principal Autonomy Part of the Secret to Boosting Student Achievement?
Leah Fabel
Two women standing
February 2, 2018
A remarkable woman who grew up in foster care shares her story.
Ting Yu
Four people pose for a photo inside Little Manila.
Little Manila Rising is often a gathering place outside of school for us History students. Lange Luntao is joined by (l to r) Tafari Lee, Celin Corpuz, and Bethany Alana McBurney.
Talia Herman
January 30, 2018
In Stockton, California, the grandchildren of farmworkers who fed the nation are discovering their history.
Susan Brenna
January 17, 2018
In Illinois and Minnesota, advocates for major shifts in education policy are celebrating victories that were a long time coming.
Leah Fabel
Two boys playing violins
December 18, 2017
Leaders of the Texas district-charter school SKY Partnership are now counting: how many kids complete college?
Ting Yu
What Happened Next: School-to-Prison Pipeline
November 8, 2017
Philadelphia scores a big success with career and technical education for students in the juvenile justice system.
Tim Kennedy
Erica Mosca
Bridget Bennett
October 2, 2017
Away from the glittery Vegas Strip, a scrappy network of students, families and education advocates is growing.
Paula Ann Solis