Updates, family milestones, and accomplishments from alumni across the country.

Caitlin Cook
Chicago-Northwest Indiana 2012
After completing a master's degree from Oxford University in maritime archaeology, I returned to Brooklyn and joined ReadWorks as a curriculum writer. The site is full of free resources for educators.
Ericka Dixon
New Mexico 2012
I am pursuing my master's in international affairs at Columbia University. Due to my experiences with TFA, I decided to focus on education in emergencies and have interned with UNICEF HQ in the EiE hub, working on providing education access to...
Weston Fillman
Baltimore 2012
I've joined Google's People Operations, where I am working on projects related to diversity and moving the needle in Silicon Valley.
Barry Frett
Indianapolis 2012
I took a course on international criminal law in Siracusa, Sicily. It gave me a perspective on a new category of inequity that is internationally focused: the selective prosecution of human rights violations.
Emily Heller
Alabama 2012
Thanks to dedicated TFA corps members, alumni, and teacher-leaders, a group of students from Johnson High School partnered with Dawson Elementary School to start P.A.L.S. (Peers Advancing Literacy Skills). My students committed to reading with their...
Amberine Huda
Greater New Orleans - Louisiana Delta 2012
I am one of two MTLDs on the G.N.O. staff primarily supporting special education teachers. I am also a part of the Diverse Learners Design Fellowship, where I have a chance to change the scope of leadership journeys that we experience as staff...
Michelle Huynh
Los Angeles 2012
I am attending Western Health University, pursuing a doctorate degree in osteopathic medicine.
Janet Jolly
Arkansas 2012
Last summer, I married Will Jolly (Mississippi) on Martha's Vineyard with family and friends present, many of whom were fellow Delta alumni. We live in North Carolina, where Will is an actuary for Lincoln Financial and I work on the founding...
Christina Koutsourades
South Carolina 2012
I just finished my first year as an NYC Site Manager at Jumpstart, a nonprofit devoted to educating low-income preschoolers.
Simone LaHood
Charlotte-Piedmont Triad 2012
I am in a dual master of business administration/master of public policy program at the University of Michigan.
Alison Lifka
Southwest Ohio 2012
I am teaching ninth grade literature at Pritzker College Prep, a campus of the Noble Charter Network, in Chicago. The course invests students in reading by focusing on human rights and sociopolitical issues.
Rebecca Oudin-Shannon
Greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas 2012
After the corps and seven long years in the U.S., I moved back home to Paris a year ago to be closer to my family and friends. It's been the healthiest decision I've made for myself so far in life.
Natalie Parmenter
Charlotte-Piedmont Triad 2012
I am teaching first grade at International School of Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Paul Reeping
Chicago-Northwest Indiana 2012
I started a program at the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health to get my master's in epidemiology.
Jade Rivera
Las Vegas Valley 2012
I'm excited to join New Mexico's Public Education Department as a policy administrator, overseeing new policy initiatives in my home state.
Andrea Rooney
Greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas 2012
I am living on Hawai'i Island, supporting Corps Members in the Values, Diversity, and Culture track-a professional development series focused on identity development and social-justice teacher leadership.
David Sall
Chicago-Northwest Indiana 2012
I manage educational partnerships for Kaymbu, a start-up that helps streamline documentation and family engagement for teachers.
Austin Schiff
Greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas 2012
I am executive director of Cincinnati Squash Academy. We recruit fourth and fifth graders from low-income schools to learn squash and receive academic tutoring and enrichment.
Connor Showalter
South Dakota 2012
I am starting my first year at Foundations College Prep in Chicago, a 6-12 charter school led by founding Ryan Fellow '12 principal Sarah Hunko Baker (N.Y. '07).
Blake Shultice
Milwaukee 2012
I'm teaching fourth grade back in my home state of Iowa,