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Our Application Process

Application Steps


There are five basic steps in our application process, which combined take between 6-10 weeks to complete. They include: submitting your application, being invited to interview, your first interview, subsequent interviews, and reference checks. Learn more about each step below.


Our hiring process is highly selective so we encourage you to complete your online application carefully and accurately, and that you apply for no more than three positions at a time. Your cover letter should demonstrate an understanding of our organization and the position to which you are applying, and your resume should outline your past accomplishments and management and leadership experiences. Please also include any required supplemental materials (e.g., a writing sample) specified in the job description as your application will not be considered complete without these materials. Once you apply, you’ll receive an email confirming that we received your application. Unless a deadline is specified in the job description, your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you’re selected for an interview, you'll be notified within 10 business days. Due to candidate volume, we typically only contact candidates moving forward in our interview process.

If your profile corresponds to the requirements of the job to which you applied, a member of the hiring team will contact you for an interview. You’ll also receive an email that includes helpful links to learn more about life at TFA, our core values, and our regional and national offices. Candidates are encouraged to watch our Core Values video series before their first interview as the basis for part of the conversation.

During your first interview, which is typically conducted on the phone, you'll be asked to share more about your past accomplishments, and to talk about your interest in and fit with the position. Please note that if you've applied to multiple positions, we will only consider you for the roles for which you are best suited.

If, based on the initial interview you are competitive for the role, you will be invited to a series of subsequent interviews with the hiring manager and other members of the team. Because getting the right fit is so important to us, you could have a single interview or multiple interviews for a given position. As part of those interviews, you may be asked to role-play a scenario you might encounter in the position and/or to complete a work-related exercise (e.g., a mock project plan, an analytical exercise, or a response to a prompt). Please be prepared to dedicate one to three hours to complete your exercise.

Once our hiring managers have identified a finalist, they will talk to the candidate’s references to get another lens on their strengths and areas of development.

Candidate rejected after hiring manager interview

I had a phenomenal experience interviewing with TFA for two different positions. It never seemed as though we were just playing the game of asking and answering the typical questions, but rather having a real conversation about the position and company, and whether it was a good fit both ways.

Candidate rejected after hiring manager interview

This was one of the best application processes that I have gone through. I felt like I was given the opportunity to accurately represent myself and to explore the job position thoroughly. I felt that I had more than enough information to make educated decisions regarding this opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have questions after reading through this page, feel free to email us at, and we’ll do our best to help you.