Employee Benefits

The Basics

  • Compensation
  • Health benefits
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Retirement plan
  • Life/accident insurance
  • Financial advising


We provide competitive compensation that takes into account your prior experience and responsibilities. Yearly increases are based on your contribution to the organization, the impact and scale of your role, and market factors.

Health benefits

We offer comprehensive medical, vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage.

Flexible spending accounts

Eligible staff members may set aside pretax dollars in a healthcare flexible spending account and/or a dependent care flexible spending account each year.

Retirement Plan

Eligible staff members may participate in Teach For America’s 403(b) plan from their first day of employment and are offered matching 403(b) employer contributions after 12 months. After meeting the 12-month eligibility requirement, Teach For America will match 100 percent of your eligible contributions up to 5 percent of your gross earned salary in each fiscal year.

Life/accident insurance

Eligible staff members are offered $50,000 of basic life/accident insurance at no charge.

Financial advising

Staff can receive free financial advice on budgeting, goal setting, debt review, and retirement analysis from a dedicated Certified Financial Planner and managing director at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Paid Time Off and Leave

  • Vacation: 17-22 days per fiscal year depending on staff member's tenure.
  • Holidays: 15 days per fiscal year, including an extended break between Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
  • Sick Leave: 10 days per fiscal year.
  • Rollover Policy: Staff can roll over all unused vacation days, capped at twice the annual accrual rate.
  • Disability Leave: Staff members are offered up to 12 weeks of paid medical disability leave (up to eight weeks paid at 100 percent and four weeks paid at 60 percent) after three months of employment. Staff members may be eligible for long-term disability coverage after 90 days of disability; 60 percent of salary is paid up to a monthly maximum of $12,500.

Family and Parenting Benefits

  • Eight weeks of paid parental leave for a primary caregiver either having a child or adopting a child.
  • Two weeks of paid leave for secondary caregivers.
  • Two weeks of paid family leave to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition.
  • Backup dependent care: Services include center-based backup child care, in-home backup care for well and mildly ill children, and in-home backup adult/elder care.

We value flexibility because we know life needs it

We all have full plates and, as such, we foster a flexible culture that accommodates a variety of working preferences and personal priorities.

  • Location
  • Hours
  • Reduced-schedule opportunities

While some positions require that a staff member work from a specific office, many have the option to work from home or any one of our main offices around the country. This is immensely appealing to people who want to take on a new role without uprooting their families and leaving the communities they know and love.

We give staff broad latitude to work when and how they want, and we hold staff members accountable only for results.

At TFA, positions have varying levels of intensity. As a result, when staff members’ personal priorities change, we help them find positions with intensity levels that match their needs.

A culture of support during milestone moments

Cate Reed
Vice President, Cluster Partner, Teacher Support and Development Execution

In-home backup care allowed me to take my youngest with me on a recent work trip for an incredibly reasonable fee. The caregiver was warm, kind, and took to my daughter right away.

Chrissy Heyne
Senior Managing Director of the Chicago Institute

TFA ensures that I am treated like any other married person and that matters a lot to me.

Laura Nalley
Senior Managing Director, Talent, Culture, and Operations

I so appreciated and relied on my TFA community of friends and colleagues, who made such a big difference in helping me through that time.

Billy Crews
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Mississippi

TFA supports its workforce. In fact, there appears to be minimal distinction between the value of our work and the value placed on our personal well-being.