Life on Staff

Investing in Our Leaders


Teach For America staff members are located all over the map. Together, we are one TFA. Ask any staff member, “What’s life like at TFA?” and you’ll hear about our impact, diversity, and rewarding culture. We’re proud to have been recognized as a great place to work, and we continue to grow and evolve at every opportunity.

We take the professional development of staff members seriously. This begins on day one and continues throughout your tenure.

Cultivating a Diverse Community


No matter what brings us to TFA, it’s the people who keep us here, day after day, year after year.

Our staff is a community in the truest sense. We have each other’s backs. We strive to give hard and honest feedback. We seek to improve while listening carefully to each other’s perspectives.

We realize that achieving educational equity will take a broad and diverse coalition of people united around a common purpose and shared values. This means we set ambitious goals for staff member diversity at TFA. We’re proud of the diverse backgrounds and identities that our staff members bring to work each day. Read about our commitment to diversity.

Creating an Interconnected Network


Our staff is strongly motivated by our mission. We work to ensure all staff members stay connected to it, particularly those not working directly in the classrooms and communities we serve. Below are a few of the ways we foster that connectivity.

  • Staff Resource Groups
  • Classroom Visits
  • Interviews With Corps Members
  • Daily and Weekly Press Briefings
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Staff Resource Groups

Many of our staff are active participants in at least one of our 30+ resource groups. These staff-led groups aim to foster a deep sense of community among people of shared interests and backgrounds and are an important part of our life at TFA.

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Classroom Visits

Teams of staff members regularly organize and lead visits to our corps members’ classrooms, allowing staff to interact with kids, help with lessons, and participate in activities.​

Additionally, hundreds of staff members take trips to our summer training institutes to watch our newest members begin their corps experience.

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Interviews with Corps Members

Staff members get the opportunity to participate in the process of interviewing corps applicants. It’s a fun and meaningful way to interact with those who share our passion for expanding educational opportunities for kids.

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Daily and Weekly Press Briefings

Our national communications team sends regular emails to interested staff about press coverage that highlights education issues, major changes in education policy, and media coverage of TFA.

Our Offices


Our offices are located all around the country. Each office reflects our core values and mission in its own way, with open communal meeting spaces and classroom-inspired décor.

Staff Teams


Our national staff provides direction and support for TFA’s work all over the country. Team members have expertise in areas such as marketing, finance, recruitment, and teacher preparation. They work in collaboration with regional teams to make a strong, unified organization.

Regional teams advance TFA’s work at the local level. To learn more about regional staff teams, select a region on our map.

  • Admissions
  • Collective Leadership and Engagement
  • Finance
  • Human Assets
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Affairs, Risk, and Compliance
  • Marketing and Communications
  • National Administration
  • National Development
  • Office of the CEO
  • Organizational Learning and Strategy
  • Public Partnerships
  • Recruitment
  • Regional Operations
  • Teacher Leadership Development

TFA’s work is about passionate people committed to making a difference in communities. Our Admissions team is charged with building—and continuously improving—an equitable, effective admissions process to find those leaders. Admissions decisions are tough, but our Admissions team prides itself on solving complicated problems through thoughtful research and with an eye on what’s best for kids.

The Collective Leadership and Engagement team inspires alumni to fulfill their potential and continue working toward “One Day” throughout their lives. TFA’s network of diverse, remarkable, powerful, and convicted leaders take on the massive and complex challenges of educational inequity, and the CLE team works to support them along the way.

The Finance team ensures that we have the resources and reputation to achieve our vision. The team oversees all financial matters, including accounting operations, planning and analysis, grants and contracts administration, and payroll processes.

TFA is committed to being an inclusive and equitable workplace where all individuals can thrive. Human Assets is essential to sustaining a supportive environment. The team finds, empowers, and develops people to do great work; creates opportunities for leadership growth; and takes the lead on benefits and other staff support structures.

The Information Technology team is passionate about technology and collaboration to make a difference for TFA staff and corps members. IT creates tech solutions that allow everyone to work more effectively and efficiently. IT works with some of the biggest names in technology to leverage the latest software, equipment, and expertise.

The Legal Affairs, Risk, and Compliance team provides legal and strategic advice to all TFA regional and national teams. Our team of attorneys practice in a wide range of substantive areas, including employment law, administrative law, nonprofit law, trademark and copyright protection, general compliance, and education law.

Marketing and Communications increases awareness of TFA on a national level. It strategically partners with other teams to provide insights, analytics, event execution, digital support, and creative assets that bring our brand to life.

National Administration manages all of TFA’s facilities and oversees real estate strategy and purchasing initiatives. The team’s work is everywhere, but it feels most successful when it operates so seamlessly that others never know it’s there—keeping the wheels turning so teams across the country can focus on expanding opportunities in communities.

National Development builds and strengthens TFA’s philanthropic partnerships. The team inspires donors to invest in the future of the country by investing in our work with students nationally and regionally.

The Office of the CEO makes sure TFA’s overall strategy and operations are working effectively and accomplishing goals. From speeches to Tweets—and everything in between—the team works alongside our CEO Elisa Villanueva Beard to advance the conversation on educational equity, while ensuring everyone stays focused on the vital work with students, families, and communities.

The Organizational Learning and Strategy team accelerates TFA’s organizational learning and helps ensure that the resulting knowledge drives strategic and tactical decisions at every level. The team accomplishes this by leading internal and external research efforts; ensuring that data, analytics, and reporting are driving impact; and providing expertise and consultative support on effective learning.

The Public Partnerships team helps build an ever-expanding and increasingly diverse movement of leaders in the private and public sectors committed to educational equity. The team is responsible for accelerating impact by building partnerships with schools, districts, supporters, government, community organizations, and other education institutions; developing and executing corps member placement strategy; and raising financial support to enable growth and operations.

The Recruitment team works to enlist the country’s most promising future leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequity. It works to identify and inspire thousands of potential corps members on college campuses and from multiple career sectors to apply to and join TFA. It’s also responsible for meeting our organization’s ambitious goals for the growth and diversity of our corps along racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines.

Regional teams advance TFA’s work at the local level, fostering strong relationships in the communities where we place teachers. Regional staff teams are often comprised of corps member support staff, alumni affairs staff, development staff, and office support staff. To learn more about regional staff teams, select a region on our map.

The Regional Operations team fosters the individual and collective leadership of each region’s executive director and board chair to maximize TFA’s contributions in communities. The team also partners with regional boards to support them in meeting community commitments.

The Teacher Leadership Development team provides resources and experiences to help corps members, alumni, and school partners amplify their impact. It ensures corps members are set up for success from day one by providing strong training and ongoing development, so students have the leaders they deserve.

Caring for Our People


We’re proud to have been recognized as a great place to work. The amazing people who comprise our staff, in addition to our inclusive culture, flexible work environments, and career development have made this possible.