Summer Training




Teaching hours vary depending on region; however, most corps members teach two or more hours each day observed by experienced teachers. Part of this time you will lead your class to master content while building your own skills in lesson delivery and classroom management. During the other portion you will likely lead small-group instruction, working with four to five students in math and reading.

Teach For America instructional coaches will observe your teaching several times a week and provide feedback. Together you will discuss areas for development and create concrete plans to increase student learning as you develop teaching knowledge and skills. In addition, veteran district teachers partner with each classroom to provide regular feedback throughout the summer.

You will meet with fellow new corps members in small groups that provide a supportive yet challenging space to practice teaching new lessons; react to classroom management dilemmas; discuss feedback; and analyze student progress in order to guide and improve your planning.

You will receive extensive lesson-planning instruction from instructional coaches. You will internalize student-learning objectives for the coming week, create assessments to evaluate student progress, select the right teaching methods to meet these objectives, and develop your plans in great detail.

You will study the fundamentals of teaching and practice teaching techniques to prepare yourself for all elements of classroom instruction. Sessions will focus on each coursework element below.

Five Elements of Institute Coursework

  • Teaching As Leadership
  • Instructional Planning and Delivery
  • Investment, Classroom Management, and Culture
  • Diversity, Community, and Achievement
  • Literacy Development

The central philosophy of our approach to teaching is the Teaching As Leadership (TAL) framework, based on the principles that successful teachers use to lead their students to success.

This coursework presents a goal-oriented, standards-based approach to teaching and teaches you to diagnose and assess students, plan lessons, and deliver lessons effectively.

This coursework teaches you how to create and maintain a culture of achievement in the classroom.

This coursework develops the mindsets and skills needed for you to build relationships and work effectively with diverse students, families, educators, and others in the communities where you will teach.

This coursework explores how to teach literacy skills to students at all performance levels and across grade levels and content areas.

Summer Training

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