Updates, family milestones, and accomplishments from alumni across the country.

Blanca Alejandro
I am excited to be working with The University of Georgia as an admissions recruiter.
Isaac Caughran
Greater New Orleans - Louisiana Delta 2013
I was accepted into Marines Officer Candidate School, reporting in January.
Ryan Davenport
My year got off to a great start. A small cohort of TFA alumni and friends convinced Dallas to pilot a parent engagement program in 25+ schools. I'm excited to see parents and teachers talking more and supporting the learning in our classrooms...
Matt Delaurence
South Carolina 2013
I am the founding director of operations for Henderson Collegiate High School, handling reporting, system creation, community relations, and day-to-day management of our facility.
Justy Engle
Appalachia 2013
I've accepted a full-time position as instructor of english at Campbellsville University.
Carrie Iacomini
Memphis 2013
After serving my commitment in the Memphis corps, I moved to Chicago to serve the Englewood neighborhood as a teacher.
Latrice Lyle
I'm currently a first grade lead teacher at KIPP Vision Primary in my hometown, Atlanta.
Brittany Phillips
St. Louis 2013
I am working for STEMpact in St. Louis. This organization is made up of corporations that are dedicated to increasing access to qualified STEM teachers. Through their teacher training program, STEM TQ, teachers from around the St. Louis metro area...
Darci Price
Las Vegas Valley 2013
I am an alum of Up With People and joined their Does It Really Matter group in order to help continue our mission of helping young people from around the world become global citizens, develop an appreciation of diversity and cultures, and learn the...
Trevor Rockhill
South Carolina 2013
I started a new job as an investment consultant working with universities and nonprofit foundations around the country.
Emma Rosenbaum
Phoenix 2013
I'm pursuing a master's degree in child development and working as a graduate teaching assistant at Tufts' laboratory early childhood center the Eliot-Pearson Children's School.
Emily Several
Baltimore 2013
At NYU School of Law, I am participating in the Suspension Representation Project to represent NYC public school students who received long-term suspensions, in hopes of reducing or dismissing their penalties.
Taro Shigenobu
Eastern North Carolina 2013
I am very proud to be spending my third year teaching at Henderson Collegiate. In addition to teaching 8th grade science, I've taken on the position of grade level chair. Last year, 100 percent of my students passed their 8th grade science EOG...
Marques Valdez
San Antonio 2013
I have been working at a nonprofit in San Francisco that focuses on closing the broadband connectivity gap in public schools across the country so every student has the opportunity to use all the digital resources available to them.
Felicia Alexander
Houston 2012
I am pursuing a joint J.D./master of bioethics degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
Tyree Alexander
New York 2012
I recently celebrated the second college graduate in my family, my younger sister Marquea Alexander, who joined the fight against the achievement gap by becoming a day care teacher.
William Ames
Los Angeles 2012
I recently received a grant for $12.5K to start a film program at my school.
Charlotte Anderson
New Mexico 2012
I am excited to start at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for my master's in music education. Thanks to my work with TFA, I was able to receive a full scholarship to begin researching equity in music education.
Aaron Bos-Lun
I became an instructional coach at Homestead Senior High, my TFA placement school. I continue to sponsor the Homestead Gay Straight Alliance and support other urban high schools in starting up and running safe spaces for all students, especially...
Joyce Chiao
Greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas 2012
I joined OneGoal-New York as our operations manager.