Apply Early Decision to Teach For America

My Early Decision Experience

Head shot of a smiling brunette woman.
Caroline Gold
New York 2017
Northwestern University
“By applying early decision, I was given almost four months to consider my offer. During that time, I leveraged the TFA alumni network to learn about the classroom experiences of alums, signed up for education newsletters to better understand the ins and outs of public school systems, and read books on transformational teachers. When it came time to accept my offer, I felt prepared, confident, and comfortable in my decision.”
photo of a smiling man standing outside
Pranav Nanda
Kansas City 2017
George Washington University
“Applying early to TFA gave me the opportunity to hear from amazing Teach For America alumni leaders. I’ve also been able to meet with other early admits who will become future education leaders. The opportunity to bridge past and future leaders gives me great hope for the future of education. I have always believed that kids can do amazing things if they are given the support to succeed, and I’m excited to work with people who share that belief.”
photo of smiling African American woman in a cap and gown.
Ciara Hart
South Louisiana 2017
Florida A&M University
“Teach For America comprises wonderful, powerful, and diverse individuals. To be connected with so many different people from different walks of life, but all working toward the same goal, has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life.”
photo of a smiling short-haired brunette woman against a brick wall.
Jennifer Swanson
Detroit 2017
University of Pittsburgh
“I decided to join TFA because I wanted to make an immediate impact after graduation, develop myself personally and professionally, and contribute to broader social justice movements. In applying early, I’ve had more time to consider my offer and prepare myself for the responsibilities of leading a classroom.”

Application Details

  • How to Apply
  • Application Resources

How To Apply

Our admissions process is designed to help us identify if applicants possess the characteristics we’ve seen in our most successful corps members. We admit people whose unique strengths convince us that they have what it takes to lead students to significant academic success.

Juniors and co-terming seniors will be evaluated on the same criteria as any other applicant. We encourage you to apply when you believe your application will be the strongest, whether that is as a junior or as a senior.  

Applicants to Teach For America must submit an online application. Applications are non-binding. Subsequent rounds of the admissions process will include an online activity and a final interview.

If you are admitted to the corps, you will attend our summer training in summer 2018 and begin teaching in fall 2018.

Application Resources

If you’re preparing to start an application, here are some helpful resources to get you started:

2018 Early Admission Timelines


Opportunities for Early Decision Applicants


Applying early to Teach For America comes with additional benefits and learning opportunities. If admitted to the 2018 corps, you’ll have exclusive access to programs throughout the 2017-18 school year. More information will be shared upon your acceptance to Teach For America.

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Community Involvement

Networking Opportunities 

Alumni Mentoring: Learn from and network with top Teach For America alumni. Through a one-on-one mentorship, you’ll hear about your mentor’s teaching experience and career after Teach For America, as well as learn valuable preparation tips and advice. Please note: Limited space is available in this program.

Inside TFA Webinars: Inside TFA Webinars will give you an unfiltered look into corps member life—inside and outside of the classroom. You’ll connect with organizational leaders, specialists, and teachers on important issues such as summer training, grade- and subject-specific topics, and TFA’s partnerships with diverse communities, such as African American and LGBTQ+ communities.

Cohort Communities: Cohort Communities are virtual learning seminars where you’ll meet with a small group of early admitted corps members to discuss important education topics. You’ll make connections, learn from each another, and practice skills vital to social justice educators and advocates.

Professional Development

Virtual Courses: Teach For America alumni and staff host virtual courses on topics such as leadership development, diversity and inclusiveness, and teaching instruction.

Monthly Newsletters: Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive monthly newsletter from the Pre-Corps Experiences team. Read about the classrooms of current corps members and learn what becoming a corps member will mean for you.

Certification Prep: A common request from early admitted corps members is more preparation for regional certification tests. Our team provides access to test diagnostics for the most commonly taken certification tests and offers additional test prep opportunities.

Community Involvement

Partnership Organization Internships and Jobs: Through partnerships with other leading social impact organizations, Teach For America offers early admitted corps members relevant, accessible, paid work opportunities to directly learn skills related to teaching.

Regional Visits: Join fellow early admitted corps members in your placement region for a 2-3 day experience. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of educational inequity in the community and the impact you’ll have on students while building your network. Please note: Limited space is available in this program.

Leadership Summit: This July, you’ll be invited to attend a 3 day summit along with 50-75 other early admitted corps members. You’ll observe classrooms, meet current teachers and community members, and take part in workshops and small-group projects. You’ll imagine your future, build relationships, and develop your leadership commitment for the year ahead.

A Career With Impact

If you leverage your talents to take on the fight for educational equity, great things can happen for you and your students. Learn more about the impact you can make and what it’s like to teach.

Frequently Asked Questions


The 2018 Early Decision application is now closed. The general application for the 2018 corps will open in August 2017.

If you will graduate between July 2018 and June 2019, please check back in January 2018 for information about the 2019 Early Decision application. In the meantime, you can reference these frequently asked questions from the 2018 Early Decision application to learn more. Have a question not addressed here? Contact us.

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  • Applying Early vs. Waiting Until Next Year
  • Once You’re Admitted