Military Veterans Initiative

Why Veterans?

Profiles of Courage: Vets in the Classroom

Christopher Friedline
D.C. Region 2009
Marine Corps Staff Sergeant
After spending six years in the civilian world, I missed the sense of purpose that I felt in the Marines. Teach For America gave me the challenge and purpose I had been missing.
Sarah Staab
Nashville 2012
West Point Graduate, Army Captain
I’m often struck by the similarities my two experiences share. Day to day, the lessons I learned while serving my country overseas follow me as I serve my country in the classroom.

A Community Dedicated to Veterans

Teach For America is proud to join many others in the effort to help veterans and military families find their next opportunity in service of our nation. Thank you to our partner organizations.

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Words From Our Partners

A head shot of a middle-aged man, balding, with short curly black hair and a thin mustache, wearing a black blazer, a white dress shirt, and a red tie.
Rob Gordon
President, Be The Change, Inc.

Our nation's veterans have helped achieve positive results in keeping students on track and boosting high school graduation rates all across the country. After serving America in military uniform, these men and women continue to serve our nation and foster a more productive, caring, and robust civil society for all.

A a close head shot of a middle-aged man with short blond hair with a serious look, wearing a dark blue blazer, a white dress shirt, and a red tie.
Stanley McChrystal, General (Ret.)
Leadership Council Chair, The Franklin Project

The young people who join Teach For America each year are engaging in a form of national service that is focused on eliminating one of the biggest threats to our nation’s future prosperity—educational inequity.

In The News

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“While deployed, I often thought about my life after the Army, and I wanted to do something where I could still continue to serve my country.”

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Upon learning about Teach For America, Commander Ellington was inspired to pursue a new path…

Helping our Students Achieve Holistic Well-Being

“The physical training I experienced at West Point and as an infantry officer was paramount to me becoming a more disciplined and focused leader.”

Thinking of Military Families This Veterans Week

“Omar is now on his third deployment in as many years. In that time I’ve been so fortunate to not just find a job and home in our new city, but to also find a community and an extended family.”

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