Hunter Pierson

Hunter Pierson

Job Title
Vice President
Goldman Sachs & Co
Harvard University
Harvard University Business School
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Bay Area

Though most of Hunter’s Harvard friends went right into consulting, investment banking or government after graduation, he felt pulled between those opportunities and the classroom. Thinking back on his experience, he credits the corps with giving him transferable skills essential for succeeding in the business world, as well as the belief that all kids can succeed. As a former Executive Director of TFA’s Bay Area region and an advocate for education reform in New Orleans, he has learned that the private sector can play a powerful role in improving our schools and believes that so much is possible if the business world rallies behind community-driven reforms.

Career Path

Growing up
Hunter went to the best schools in Louisiana and the experience imprinted on him what education should be. His father worked in business and his mother was a teacher, and he was drawn to both careers.
Teach For America: Bay Area Corps
Through projects like creating a camp to take kids to college campuses, Hunter helped his students see what was possible. He learned that kids can get an excellent education even with few resources.
Executive Director, TFA Bay Area Region
As ED, Hunter was responsible for increasing financial investment in TFA’s regional operations and overseeing the professional development and culture of hundreds of corps members.
Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Hunter manages investments for foundations and families across the southeast.
Board Chair, New Schools for New Orleans
Hunter applies his financial expertise to advise charter schools in his hometown, ensuring that they are well-run and operationally strong.

Q & A

How has your corps experience prepared you for a career in business?

There is no better preparation for any career. I learned to analyze data, work autonomously, hold myself accountable for results, and improvise when needed. I developed a strong belief in human potential.

Are you still involved in improving education at this stage of your career?

I have the autonomy in my current role to be able to spend time working with charter schools in New Orleans to improve how they operate and help kids in my hometown get a great education.

What surprised you most about your TFA experience?

You go in hoping to make a profound impact on students. And that is definitely true. But the flip side is, the life that is probably changed the most is yours. My students are always with me.

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