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Introducing TFA Connect BETA, our new online platform for alumni, corps members, and staff to connect with each other and with the opportunities, people, organizations, and causes they care about.
Friday, March 2, 2018


A place to reconnect with friends from the corps. To find a new job. To expand your professional network. To connect with employers in your field and discover other members of the Teach For America community who are passionate about the same issues you are. If you are a member of the TFA network—an alum, corps member, or staff member—TFA Connect BETA is our new digital platform for you to connect with one another and with impactful career-development opportunities.

TFA Connect BETA offers easy-to-use tools for the entire TFA community to tap into the collective experience, passions, and skills of our nearly 60,000-person network. It is a platform built to help the TFA community work together toward our shared vision of a better future for all children.

TFA Connect BETA launches in time for the spring hiring season. Joining the platform allows members to connect with employers who are interested in hiring talent from the TFA network and to access hundreds of job openings both in and out of education. In addition, members are able to:

  • Grow your network. Find others with whom to network as you seek new opportunities and professional advice.
  • Send a private message. Contact anyone who has a profile on the system via the direct messaging functionality.
  • Participate in a discussion. Connect with others, locally or around the country, who are interested in the issues and causes you care deeply about to seek and/or offer advice.

Employers, whether alumni or not, are invited to post job openings and source candidates on the platform.

TFA Connect Users

The new platform grows directly from the requests we heard from so many alumni, corps members, and employer partners. As the name implies, TFA Connect BETA is in its early stages, and we will continue to add new features in the coming weeks and months. For this initial launch, the platform is focused on networking and career opportunities, and as we work to expand the platform’s features, we will be introducing other useful tools and will update the list above as they launch.

TFA Connect BETA is now open to all alumni and staff, and will soon be open to corps members as well. If you are an alum or staff member, please log onto the platform today and start connecting. As you know, joining TFA means becoming part of a network of changemakers committed to improving the lives of our nation’s youth, and we pursue this mission from many different paths and many different vantage points. TFA Connect BETA offers a place for all of us in the TFA network to connect with each other, learn together, and support one another in our pursuit of individual and collective impact.


Users are advised to use the Chrome browser for optimal performance on the platform.

To join TFA Connect BETA, alumni and TFA staff should do the following:

  • Sign on to TFA Connect BETA through the Teach For America site.
  • If needed, recover your sign-in email or reset your password.
  • At the top right side, under “TFA Apps,” click the TFA Connect BETA icon, which will take you to the platform.
  • Once you are on the platform, create a personal profile following the prompts; try to complete all requested fields to make you more searchable!
  • Use the Discussions page to suggest improvements and report issues that might impact users at large – your continued feedback is critical to us.
  • Email the platform team directly at with any individual login, setup, or related questions.

Alumni who are also employers (i.e., seek to hire TFA alumni) should do the following:

  • Follow the alumni sign-up instructions above. You will always log in as an alum, even if you are also an employer.
  • After you’ve set up your personal profile, go to the Opportunities section to post your job(s).
    • Go to the upper right side of the screen and click on the green “Post a Job” button, which will take you to a new page
    • You will be asked to select which organization your opportunity is affiliated with, or to set up a new organization page if it doesn’t already exist; follow the prompts from there.
    • If the organization you’re affiliated with does not automatically display as an option when posting a new role, make sure it’s included in the “Current and Past Experience” section of your personal profile.

Corps members will be notified via email when the platform is available to them, and their login process will be the same as for alumni above.

Employers who seek to hire TFA alumni (and who themselves are not alumni) should do the following:

  • Visit TFA Connect BETA and click on the blue “Employer Sign Up” button. 
  • Use the official email associated with your organization to create a login and password.
  • Create a personal profile by following the set-up prompts; when prompted for location, please enter your personal location (city/state).
    • Create an organization page by following the set-up prompts or, if one is already set up for your organization, request ‘admin access’ to it; be sure to enter the location (city/state) of your organization’s headquarters when prompted, to increase the visibility of your organization in search results.
  • To post a job, fellowship, or other opportunity:
    • Go to the “Opportunities” tab.
    • Go to the upper right side of the screen and click on the green “Post a Job” button, which will take you to a new page
    • Follow the prompts on that page to enter information about the opportunity; be sure to enter the location (city/state) specific to the job, so that it is searchable 


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