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6 Resources For Stressed-Out Teachers

November 1, 2017
Teach For America teachers sitting in a circle, working together.

With teaching in full swing, fall is an exciting time of year. However, this is also a time when many teachers report high stress levels inside and outside of the classroom. In fact, it is common for new teachers (and even experienced ones) to experience the October blues, also sometimes called the disillusionment phase, this time of the year. It’s no surprise: The optimism that came with the new school year wanes as you realize things are still not going the way you envisioned and the planning and paperwork just seem to keep piling up. While adding something to your to-do list may seem daunting, now is the time to prioritize your self-care.

The good news is you do not have to go it alone. Here are resources and communities to help you survive and thrive during even the most stressful times—and some are offering discounts to members of the TFA community. So take a deep breath, sit back, and read on.


There is growing evidence that mindfulness meditation helps teachers and their students. Using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques, Headspace offers an app to help you incorporate these practices into your life. Headspace is offering a no-cost subscription to all Teach For America corps members and alumni teachers.  Email alumniteaching@teachforamerica.org to obtain a code.

And if you are already a Headspace user, the company’s leaders would like to learn from you and increase their offerings for teachers and students. Please email sariah.winn@teachforamerica.org to share any insightful anecdotes or advice about using Headspace as a teacher.

Teacher Wellness Pinterest Board

We have curated helpful resources and tips on our Teacher Wellness board. Many of these resources have come from your teaching colleagues, and we’re always on the lookout for more. Share your favorite wellness resources with us and we’ll add them to the board.

2017 1st Year Corps Members Group

The connections teachers make to others with the same questions and struggles help them get through the rough spots, especially in your early years of teaching. If you’re a 2017 teacher, join with your fellow 1st year Corps Members to learn about opportunities you can leverage in and out of the classroom, ask questions, and exchange resources, tips, and support.

The TFA Teaching Communities

An online content coach moderates these content-specific online forums. These communities provide new and early career teachers access to a network of teacher members, monthly blasts with relevant resources, and online coaching support.

Level Therapy

If you need the support of a therapist but are having trouble finding the time, Level Therapy may be able to help. Coley Williams (L.A. '06) is a licensed and practicing psychotherapist who started Level Therapy to provide mobile therapy sessions offered by certified therapists. Williams trains these therapists about the experiences and challenges that are part of every corps member’s journey so the sessions are particularly relevant and applicable. Level Therapy is offering a 20 percent discount to all current corps members and TFA alumni; please use the code tfamhm.

Virtual Learning Program

For a busy teacher (is there any other kind?) finding time for professional development can be tough. Our self-paced learning modules cover a range of topics for easy, personalized, on-demand professional development that you can access any time that is convenient for you. 

During the coming weeks, we will be publishing several new posts here on Teacher Pop to help you manage the stress that is so often part of a teacher’s experience in the early years, so check back regularly, and remember: It’s essential that you take care of yourself.