2019 Application Deadlines

The application for the 2019 corps is open, start your application now.

Deadline Information


Teach For America offers five deadline options to college seniors and graduates.

Having five deadline options means you can select the one that best matches your calendar and needs. The full application process takes approximately eight weeks. Consider any obligations that may influence your timing when applying.

Which deadline is right for me?

When thinking about when to apply, you should carefully review the important dates associated with each deadline. You should be available to attend the interview for the deadline you apply to. Please keep in mind Teach For America only holds interviews on weekdays.

If admitted, you should be able to make the decision to accept or decline your offer by the confirmation deadline.

Applying to the first or second deadline, or applying as a college junior, gives you more time to prepare for your transition to the corps. The additional time can be helpful in preparing for: 

Given testing and hiring timelines, some regions cannot accept corps members during later deadlines.

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Meet with your campus recruiter to chat about your options.

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Deadline FAQs

  • General Application
  • Applying Early to Teach For America
Is there a difference between applying at the first and the last deadlines in terms of regional placement or other factors?
We try to distribute placements as equally as possible across all our deadlines, so an applicant's placement opportunities at the first deadline are ideally the same as at the fifth deadline. In practice, there are external factors that could affect placement opportunities in specific regions. For the 2019 corps, given testing and hiring timelines, we cannot place any fifth deadline (March 1) applicants in the following regions: The Bay Area, California Capital Valley, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Applying to the first or second deadline does have other advantages, as it allows you more time to prepare for the transition to the corps. All incoming corps members have to take certification exams and complete their pre-work in advance of summer training. This additional time can also be very helpful as you plan for this transition and a potential move to a new community.
Why is the final deadline in March?
The final deadline is in March in order to give all corps members adequate time to prepare for their transition to the corps, including relocating to a region, planning for summer training, and passing initial certification exams. If you were not able to apply by March 2019, please consider applying to the 2020 corps next fall.
Can I apply to the corps if I have a conflict that interferes with the summer training dates?
Summer training, which generally includes a week-long regional induction, five-week intensive training institute, and a week-long regional orientation, is mandatory. As a general rule of thumb, once corps members begin induction, they can expect to have weekday commitments from that day forward until the beginning of the school year. If you have a conflict that is earlier in the summer, you may want to preference regions with later training dates. View our summer training schedule. If you know now that your conflict would require you to miss more than one day of each region's training schedule, then you will not be able to join the corps. Please consider applying for a future corps instead.
Can I apply to the corps if I will be abroad during the interview window?
Yes! About a third of our interviews are conducted virtually via webcam. In order to participate in a virtual interview, you must have secure internet access and a webcam. You can preference the virtual interview option on the final section of your application.
Can I apply to the corps if I won’t graduate by June?
Teach For America requires that all applicants possess a bachelor's degree by the start of our summer training program (between early and mid-June), which varies depending on your assigned region. Having a bachelor’s degree by the first day of the summer training is a requirement because corps members teach summer school in a public school system during this time. Corps members are also placed in teaching positions in their assigned region throughout the spring and summer. If you've completed all of your coursework for your undergraduate degree but are still waiting to have your degree conferred, normally we can work with you to get the necessary documentation from your school to verify that you are eligible. If you still have coursework to complete after June, you should wait until the following application season to apply.
My question is not answered here. Whom can I contact?
If you do not see your question answered here, you can reach us through the Contact Us tool or the Help tool on the Applicant Center once you start an application. Due to our high inbox volume, we typically do not respond to questions that are answered in our FAQ, so please check here thoroughly before reaching out.
Can I apply before my senior year?
Yes! College juniors can apply early to Teach For America. As an early admissions applicant, you’ll be evaluated on the same criteria as any other applicant. We encourage you to apply when you believe your application will be the strongest, whether that is as a junior or as a senior.
What is the benefit to applying to the corps early?
Applying to Teach For America as a junior or co-terming senior allows you to start your final year with a job offer in hand. You’ll have an extended period to consider your offer and prepare for your corps experience. You’ll be able to spend additional time connecting with a vast network of social impact leaders and have access to leadership development opportunities exclusively available to early admits.
If I am not admitted early, can I still apply to the corps the following application season?
Yes. If you are not admitted, you are eligible to apply to the corps the following season. The 2020 regular application deadlines will be announced in August 2019.
Am I more likely to get one of my Highly Preferred regions if I apply early?
No. In order to preserve the fairness of our assignment process for all applicants, applicants are no more or less likely to get one of their highly preferred regions than applicants at any other deadline.