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A Career With Impact

Joining the corps is the start of a lifetime of impact, leadership, and advocacy.
  • Empower Students
  • Develop Personally and Professionally
  • Be Part of a Community and Network

Empower Students

Teach For America corps members help students achieve academic success and can dramatically expand their opportunities in life.

Independent research shows that corps members are as effective, and sometimes more effective, at driving student success as other experienced teachers in the same schools.

Develop Personally and Professionally

Every day, corps members are challenged to think creatively and solve problems while motivating students and coworkers to succeed.

Corps members receive support in the classroom and community where they work and have incredible teaching and leadership development resources. They also have access to an unparalleled network of supporters to maximize impact in the classroom and beyond.

Be Part of a Community and Network

Corps members bond with both TFA and other veteran teachers and build relationships with students, parents, and community leaders.

As alumni, they are part of a diverse network of leaders from all sectors who are passionate about making positive social change. Many collaborate to launch new schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

Graduate schools and employers value the skills and perspective developed in the corps and offer special benefits to TFA alumni.

Leaders Shaping Our Future


Teach For America alumni are building on what they learned in the corps to lead, drive change, and advocate for equity in many different career sectors. Meet a few of them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Family and friends play a big role in corps members’ decision to apply and their success in the classroom. Read answers to common questions to help understand our program and support your loved one as he or she considers TFA.

  • The TFA Experience
  • Program Specifics
  • After Teaching
  • Funding and Support
I have heard that Teach For America is challenging. How do I know if it is right for my loved one?
Teaching in a low-income community is a very challenging and extremely rewarding experience. While there is no one specific profile for the ideal candidate, Teach For America’s research shows that teachers who have helped their students achieve the most dramatic growth often possess these characteristics.
Why should my loved one choose Teach For America over a better-paying position in another field?
Instead of sitting behind a desk, your loved one will be at the head of a classroom, making a profound and immediate impact on the lives of students. Corps members tackle real-world challenges and grow every day as problem solvers and leaders. The insight and conviction gained during the corps experience shapes values and beliefs, fuels careers, and leaves a lasting impression. The experience prepares people to be leaders in any field and to be advocates in the fight for equity and opportunity. Teach For America alumni are part of a diverse network of 56,000 successful individuals driving important change in this country. Learn more.
What are the benefits of participating in an AmeriCorps program like Teach For America?
Teach For America is currently a member of AmeriCorps, the national service network. Through this relationship, our corps members are AmeriCorps members and are eligible to receive loan forbearance and interest payments on qualified student loans during their two years of service. Additionally, those who have not previously received AmeriCorps awards may receive an education award of around $5,815 at the end of each year of service. This may be used toward future educational expenses, such as a certification or master’s degree courses, or to repay qualified student loans. Please note that this award is not guaranteed. Learn more about salary, benefits, and aid available to corps members.
Will my loved one be adequately prepared to enter a low-income classroom?
The stakes for our students are incredibly high, and so we take corps member training and development very seriously. We help corps members become strong classroom and community leaders through a rigorous summer training program and extensive coaching, professional development, and other resources throughout the corps experience. Learn more about training and support.
What are the recruitment and admissions processes like?
Teach For America employs recruitment staff across the country who can help you determine if the corps is right for you. Teach For America’s application process includes an online application and an interview. Learn more about the admissions process and see tips for developing a strong application.
When will my loved one find out where he or she is teaching?
Your loved one will have the opportunity to research their regional choices after finding out they are accepted to the corps. During their research, they'll be asked to reflect on the factors most important to them in a region, compare regional factors (like cost of living and master's degree options), and eventually build a strong list of regions that are a great fit for them. They will then submit their regional and subject preferences. Depending on their admissions timeline, they will receive regional and subject assignment about two weeks after submitting their preferences. At this time, they will be able to confirm the offer.
Does Teach For America provide housing?
Housing is provided for the summer training that all incoming corps members attend. During summer training, corps members have the opportunity to utilize helpful resources and leverage regional team members to locate their own housing in the community where they will teach in the fall. Learn more about housing assistance.
Does Teach For America help with relocation costs?
To help ease the transition from college or another job into the corps, TFA offers need-based transitional funding packages to eligible corps members. Packages are designed to assist with costs including travel to training and to the community where you'll teach, relocation expenses, and testing and initial certification fees. Learn more about these packages and how to apply for funding.
What does Teach For America pay?
Corps members are full-time, salaried employees of school districts, charter schools, or pre-K centers. The salary and benefits corps members receive are the same as other beginning teachers working for the same employers. These vary by school and region. Learn more about corps member salary, benefits, and financial aid. 
Will Teach For America help my loved one get a master’s degree?
There are different ways to pay for the coursework required to teach in a specific region. In many cases, our regional offices have established relationships with local universities that offer reduced tuition for corps members. In some regions, you can qualify for tuition exemption based on the fact that you’re a teacher. In other regions, you must pay for classes up front. Visit the regional site you are interested in and navigate to its “Teaching Here” page for more information.
Will my loved one be safe in his/her placement school/region?
All corps members take part in training designed to ensure they understand the emergency policies and procedures in place at their schools and university sites. Regions may deliver additional training tailored to the specifics of their communities. 
What do corps members do after completing their two-year commitment?
After completing their commitment, corps members are considered alumni of Teach For America. They are part of a diverse network of incredible change agents—career educators, civil rights attorneys, ed-tech entrepreneurs, socially conscious CEOs, and many more—who are working to end educational inequity and create opportunity nationwide. Meet alumni leaders in various fields and learn about how their corps experience shaped their careers.
How is Teach For America funded?
Teach For America raises money nationally and locally from a diverse set of donors, with 29% of our operating cash contributions coming from public sources and 71% from private sources. For more details, view our Annual Report.
How can I support Teach For America?
In the fight to end educational inequity, everyone is needed. You can make a donation to help us recruit, train, and support leaders who work to expand opportunity. Learn about other ways to support our work.

What Parents Say

Sunny Chico
Sunny P. Chico
Founder and President, SPC Educational Services
My son Michael loved his experience in the corps. Expecting to teach math as former business student, Michael was assigned to teach preschool on the southwest side of Chicago. Michael loved working with his students, and his time in the corps positively shaped his career path. He is now a principal and doctoral student focusing on urban educational leadership.
Judy Belk
Judy Belk
President and CEO The California Wellness Foundation
Three months into her first year with TFA, a lot had changed for Casey. She had witnessed the Ferguson uprising, learned to manage more than 30 kindergartners with no assistant and few basic supplies, and gained the respect of her tough-love principal. Casey seemed taller, wiser, and more convinced than ever that TFA was the right choice for her. She was a changed person.