A headshot of a young African-American man with short dark hair and beard, wearing a gingham shirt and striped tie, standing in front of a classroom whiteboard.

Carlon Howard

Job Title
Impact Manager, City Year Providence
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Rhode Island
Alumni Region: 
Rhode Island

Why did you join TFA? From 2013-2014, I proudly served as a corps member at Roger Williams Middle School with City Year, an education-focused non-profit that partners with public schools to help keep students in school and on track to graduate. The environment was challenging, yet exciting, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Originally, I planned on going to law school after I completed my "City Year," but my experience inspired me to become a classroom teacher.  I chose TFA because it allowed me to jump right into the classroom and utilize the experience I gained from being a City Year corps member.

Why Choose Rhode Island? In a way, Rhode Island chose me. Rhode Island was my placement site during my time with City Year. Over time, I grew to love Providence and the entire state. When it was time to apply for TFA, I knew I wanted to stay in the state that had become my newfound home.

Favorite TFA Memory: Meeting many amazing and inspiring people.

Advice for Current Corps Members: Never neglect self-care.

Community Activities: City Year Providence

College’s Attended: University of Georgia, Rhode Island College