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Head shot of a young woman with dark brown hair tied up and black framed glasses smiling, wearing a pearl necklace and a pink blazer.
Ruth Frias
“I am from New York City and never would have thought I would be living in Memphis for seven whole weeks. This is unlike any other job—not only did I work, but I also attended professional development and diversity sessions. In my opinion, both of these are extremely useful for advancement. Take it from me, this is one of the best jobs you will ever have.”
A young man with short brown shirt speaking into a microphone in front of a brown wall, wearing a black sweater and scarf.
David Maestas
“My favorite aspect of being in this role was the opportunity to meet so many bright individuals of different backgrounds who all had unique stories and perspectives on life. It helped me appreciate the work done by our educators and understand the impact that they can have in classrooms.”

2018 National Application Timeline