I joined Teach For America to change the lives of others, but what I did not expect was how my own life would be incredibly changed by my students.

I have given my students the confidence to ask questions and explain 'why.'

Desperate Teacher Lunches Power Ranked

Because at some point we all put ketchup on Cheez-Its and called it lunch. Right?
Joel Serin-Christ

Ahead in Buffalo Schools

A woman walking in front of murals
Joelle Formato is a native Buffalonian and the founder of Persistence Prep, slated to open in fall 2018
Shawna Stanley
Leah Fabel

Rebuilding Schools in a Rust Belt Town

Residents of Lorain, Ohio, defend its rich history and community spirit, while outsiders hear only about its missteps and failures. As a new leader steps in, students weigh in.
Leah Fabel

What Happens When Montessori Meets Teenagers?

As Maria Montessori’s methods gain popularity in public pre-K and elementary classrooms, educators are beginning to understand how (and why) the philosophy translates to high school, too.
Leah Fabel

In the UK, Building a Bridge Between Girls and Their Dreams

Two women standing
Girls Network founders Becca Dean (left) and Charly Young
photo provided by the Girls Network
A mentoring program founded by two former teachers-turned-social entrepreneurs aims to give low-income girls the mojo they need to succeed.
Leah Fabel

In Buffalo, Repairing Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking

When the criminal justice system snares the victims of human trafficking, Amy Martoche uses her judicial powers not to incarcerate them, but to give them a new start.
Leah Fabel