Rob Gordon

We know that national service programs work in leveraging citizen engagement to solve our nation's toughest problems and unite us as a people. National service provides a place for our military and civilian communities to stand side by side and come together in the common goal of enabling children everywhere -- especially in disadvantaged schools -- to secure the education they deserve in order to succeed. Organizations such as Teach for America, Youthbuild, and City Year have demonstrated the power of national service in reforming education through placing veterans in our lowest-performing schools to serve as tutors and mentors. Our nation's veterans have helped achieve positive results in keeping students on track and boosting high school graduation rates all across the country. After serving America in military uniform, these men and women continue to serve our nation and foster a more productive, caring, and robust civil society for all. I admire them for their commitment to the values of trust, respect, and perseverance and their selfless dedication to achieving positive social impact and restoring civility and civic good for our nation.

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