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Profiles of Alumni


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Alumni of Teach For America are a part of diverse network of leaders from all career fields, working to create opportunity in a variety of ways around the world. Meet some of our alumni, and read how their career trajectories have been shaped and transformed by their corps experience.



Jamie Bernstein

A.M. Candidate

University of Chicago

New York, '13

Jamie saw firsthand the shortage of resources in low-income communities as a special education teacher. After the corps, Jamie dedicated her work in the field of philanthropy and social services to fight the very poverty that affected her students.


Emily Blatter Boyer

Director of Leadership Development and Training

College Advising Corps

New York, '07

Having recently earned her Ed.M at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Education Policy and Management, Emily Blatter Boyer now serves as the Director of Leadership Development and Training at the College Advising Corps, working to improve college access and transition structures so all students can succeed no matter their economic status or origin.


Brandon Brown

Senior Vice President

The Mind Trust

St. Louis, '08

After holding leadership positions at both TFA–Indianapolis and the Indianapolis mayor’s office, Brandon now serves in an executive role at The Mind Trust, where he where leads a team that recruits and supports outstanding school leaders.


Eric Canosa


Mind Bubble

Rio Grande Valley, '12

Eric joined TFA after five years in the professional world, working for nonprofits and in IT. As an eighth grade science teacher in south Texas, he was able to draw on his previous career experiences.


Charli Cooksey

Founder and CEO


St. Louis, '09

Charli’s experience teaching in her hometown showed her what’s at stake—and what’s possible—when a great education hangs in the balance. As the co-founder of inspireSTL and current CEO of WEPOWER, she’s part of an incredible network of St. Louis leaders expanding opportunities for kids. 


Kaycee Gerhart

Executive Director

CCS Fundraising

Colorado, '09

Alum Kaycee Gerhart took what she learned from her time in the classroom into a career of helping nonprofits with their fundraising goals.


David Jessup

Founder and CEO


Miami-Dade, '09

Teach For America started alum David Jessup on the path to open his own non-profit, Digi-Bridge, a Charlotte-based organization aiming to equip educational institutions with the necessary resources and support to teach 21st century learners the fundamentals of technology and beyond.


Najee Johnson

Senior Director, AP Program Innovation

The College Board

Greater Delta: Mississippi & Arkansas, '10

As a senior director at the College Board, Najee works to expand high school students’ access to AP courses and improve outcomes for more kids like those he taught in the corps.


Megan Larson

Assistant Professor of Practice

Relay Graduate School of Education

Eastern North Carolina, '07

Megan is currently a founding assistant professor of practice at Relay University in Nashville, where she works with first-year educators on instruction and pedagogy.


Anjali Malipatil

Head of Philanthropy

PDT Partners

New York, '06

Anjali Malipatil lauds her time as a middle school science teacher for preparing her for a career as Head of Philanthropy at PDT Partners, a global investment manager that funds strategic grants and projects for nonprofits and schools.

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