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The Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Social Innovation Award The Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Social Innovation Award

A group of Social Innovation Award Winners

The Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Social Innovation Award recognizes bold, new innovations that expand opportunities for students in low-income communities and address the root causes of educational inequity.

About the Social Innovation Award

This annual competition brings together alumni and corps member, early-stage entrepreneurs to compete for up to $100,000 in funding to accelerate social ventures focused on eliminating barriers to educational equity and excellence.

Winners also have the opportunity to build their network by working alongside a supportive community of social innovation leaders and receive national and local recognition through Teach For America.

Honoring Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock

This award was renamed in honor of Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock, fierce advocates of educational equity and excellence and two of Teach For America’s greatest champions. As a pioneer in the innovation sector who is credited for giving rise to Silicon Valley, Arthur has spurred an entrepreneurial culture at TFA and has been a key driver of our social entrepreneurship and innovation work. Toni has left an indelible mark on the legal profession as the first woman to be named partner at a major law firm in California and continues to be a leading advocate of equity through her philanthropic work. 

The Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Social Innovation Award will usher a new era of leaders working to improve the lives of students across the country.

Our Team's Mission

Teach For America’s Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation team inspires, accelerates, and invests in alumni and corps members who are growing and strengthening the movement for educational equity and excellence through careers in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Past Award Winners