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How To Apply

Our admissions process is designed to help us identify if applicants possess the characteristics we’ve seen in our most successful corps members. We admit people whose unique strengths convince us that they have what it takes to lead students to significant academic success.

Juniors and co-terming seniors will be evaluated on the same criteria as any other applicant. We encourage you to apply when you believe your application will be the strongest, whether that is as a junior or as a senior.  

Applicants to Teach For America must submit an online application. Applications are non-binding. Subsequent rounds of the admissions process will include an online activity and a final interview.

If you are admitted to the corps, you will attend our summer training in summer 2018 and begin teaching in fall 2018.

Application Resources

If you’re preparing to start an application, here are some helpful resources to get you started:

2018 Early Admission Timelines


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