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This summer, Teach For America corps members will train at six national institutes* and nine regional institutes. Summer institute staff play a central role in setting them up for success for the fall. At the same time, staff members themselves receive unique leadership and growth opportunities in a variety of roles from instructional to operational.

*Note that Teach For America has recently made the decision to close the New York and Los Angeles national institutes. Click here for more information about the closures.

Meet Miguel, School Director, NYC Institute

National & Regional Institutes

There are six national institutes, and corps members typically train at the one that is closest to their placement region. National institutes are generally five weeks long and offer corps members the opportunity to build relationships and collaborate with fellow corps members and summer staff members from across the country. Note that Teach For America recently made the decision to close the New York and Los Angeles national institutes. Click here for more information about the closures.

There are nine regional institutes where corps members are trained within their fall placement region, usually with corps members only from that region. Regional institutes have an additional opportunity to help corps members build a deeper understanding of the community and its people. Since regional institutes incorporate induction and orientation, they usually last seven to eight weeks.

See the map below and click on the dots to view institute locations.

Institute Assignments, Choosing an Institute, and Locations

We assign candidates to national institutes based on two primary factors:

  1. Geography: Our institutes look for highly-qualified and diverse staff with local knowledge and experience of the regions that attend the national institutes.
  2. Availability: Since institute timelines vary, we work to assign staff based on availability and scheduling conflicts.

Based on these two factors, please apply to the institute closest to you and with dates that present no scheduling conflicts. If you live in a region that hosts a regional institute, consider applying to both regional and national institute positions. Teach For America reviews all applications and reserves the right to route applications to different institutes depending on need and availability. If you are offered an interview, you will be informed of the position’s location in your email notification.

Find the 2015 institute dates here.
Please email institutestaff@teachforamerica.org with any questions.

National Atlanta Institute
National Houston Institute
National Mississippi Delta Institute
National Philadelphia Institute
National Phoenix Institute
National Tulsa Institute
Regional Bay Area Institute
Regional Chicago Institute
Regional Dallas-Fort Worth Institute
Regional Greater Massachusetts Institute
Regional Memphis Institute
Regional Nashville Institute
Regional Oklahoma City Institute
Regional St. Louis Institute
Regional Twin Cities Institute

Applying for Institute

Before submitting your application, please check the job description carefully to ensure that you have all the required documents. Most applications require a resume, cover letter, and applicant activity. Your application is not finished until you receive an email notification of your completed application.


Find a list of available institute roles, deadlines, and notification information here.
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