We organize our full time roles by job type to help both current and future staff members navigate the many roles within our organization. While each role is assigned only one job type, there are likely components of that role that fall into other categories as well. See below for a brief description of each type, and the skills and experiences typically required.


Administrative Support

We hire over 100 administrative support staff members to work behind the scenes and maintain the complex operations of our 45+ regional offices and 12 national teams. Our administrative support staff members are quick thinkers, thrive in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment, and enjoy rolling up their sleeves to "get the job done." Please note that we centralize our application process for administrative support roles. By submitting an application, you will be considered for all open administrative support roles that meet your location preference.


Design: Teacher Training and Staff Development

Our designers craft learning experiences to ensure corps members and staff members are achieving at their highest levels. Designers focused on teacher training work to ensure that teachers have the initial training and ongoing support they need to be successful. Designers focused on staff development create trainings and support systems to help our staff members become more effective in their roles. Typically, our designers have experience either teaching in the classroom or building adult learning programs.


General Management

General management is a bland term for such an interesting concept: team leadership. Staff members in general management roles set a vision for their teams, and develop and implement the right strategies to realize that vision, which typically involves meeting aggressive growth targets. Our general managers are also the carriers of our culture and are obsessed with keeping their team members happy, productive, and successful.


Information Technology

Our IT team plays a crucial role in supporting Teach For America’s expansion. Our team is comprised of six functional areas: application development, solutions and delivery, technology operations, user support technologies, enterprise architecture, and business operations. We stay current on the latest technologies, and partner with some of the largest names in technology, including IBM and Cisco. Learn more »


Instructional Leadership

Instructional leaders have typically demonstrated results as a teacher or have relevant experience as an educator. They are passionate about driving student achievement. Many instructional leaders coach corps members toward becoming great teachers and integral parts of their schools and communities, while others help bring our national best practices into our regions.


Marketing + Communications

Our Marketing and Communications work focuses on building and sharing the stories of our corps members, alumni and community engagement efforts. We use classic consumer and digital marketing strategies to activate multi-channel, insights-based marketing campaigns that strengthen our brand identity among all audiences. Staff members also work to leverage national, local, and campus-based media to drive public understanding of Teach For America’s mission and impact. 



There are operations staff members within most teams at Teach For America. Given the inherent operational challenges of growing so rapidly, we lean on our operations staff members to manage the processes and logistics that cement our infrastructure. Operations staff members are typically systematic thinkers with a passion for improving processes and practices. They're comfortable using data to inform decisions. They’re also flexible, optimistic, and leverage their “can do” attitude to excel in a collaborative, extremely fast-paced environment.



Staff in outreach roles build external partnerships to further Teach For America's mission. For example, members of our recruitment team are in charge of cultivating relationships with future corps members from universities and professional sectors across the country. Other staff members manage our communication strategy with national and local media. Members of alumni affairs team also play a critical role in rallying our 30,000+ alumni to work around the country to fuel our mission. Those who succeed in our outreach roles are great communicators, have strong instincts about what it takes to mobilize people to action, and are deeply respectful of our community partners.


Project Management

Behind every great initiative, you’ll find a project manager. These staff members focus on planning, organizing, and leveraging people and resources to bring about an organizational priority. For example, a project manager on the technology team is responsible for managing the details of major technology development initiatives like our new front office operating system. Project managers on the marketing team manage multi-channel marketing campaigns, working across functions and with members of the insights, digital, and creative sub-groups. Each team’s project managers have unique tasks, but all are strong problem-solvers and are comfortable working with different people to get things done. Project managers are super organized, meet deadlines, know how to manage others around their assigned tasks, and are generally entrepreneurial self-starters.


Research & Analysis

We love data at Teach For America. While we all use data in some form or another, our analysts and researchers are specifically responsible for using diverse analytical and research methods to generate insights that inform decisions. Team members in these roles have great analytical instincts, and have demonstrated the ability to think critically, problem-solve, and support stakeholders in an entrepreneurial environment.



Staff members focused on strategy play crucial roles across all teams within Teach For America. Typically, they develop recommendations for a variety of organizational challenges. For example, strategists on our recruitment team help figure out which untapped markets we should pursue and how to pursue those markets. Strategists on our human assets team tackle human capital issues like retention and staff satisfaction. Strategy team members are exceptional problem solvers. Their critical thinking skills and ability to synthesize data to make decisions are exemplary. They thrive on being solutions-oriented, and genuinely enjoy the process of engaging in a variety of complex business challenges and generating results.

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