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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Admissions

Does Teach For America ever provide incentives to compel applicants to join its corps?

We work hard to recruit our nation’s most promising leaders to work on the frontlines of educational inequity as classroom teachers. It’s the first pillar in our approach to solving the educational challenges our country faces.

We regularly evolve and modify our recruitment efforts. Based on rigorous research and analysis In recent years, we’ve worked to increase the diversity of the corps, as well as recruit military veterans, DACA recipients, those from low-income backgrounds, and others from specific backgrounds to meet the needs of students and work toward true educational equity in our country.

Our research shows that there are some barriers that applicants of all backgrounds face, which may hold back many who want to join. As a result, we are exploring offer incentives to better understand the barriers applicants might face to joining TFA and determine solutions to these barriers. Our goal is to use what we learn to improve the TFA experience for all corps members in the future and continue to recruit a strong, diverse corps of leaders.

Our 2020 application initiative impacts less than 10% of all recruits. Through these initiatives, we specifically seek to understand how we can bring more leaders into the classroom by removing common barriers to joining TFA.

While initiatives for future application seasons are still being developed, we anticipate we will continue to test incentives and programs that create a greater opportunity for applicants to join our mission.