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Who Are You Offline? Mental Health in the Age of Social Media

March 07, 2024

7:00 PM — 7:45 PM EST


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March 7, 2024 7:00 PM March 7, 2024 7:45 PM America/New_York Who Are You Offline? Mental Health in the Age of Social Media Virtual use-title aqIEBWpuYzmyieobHmby63777

Social media can be addictive and toxic, especially for people from underserved communities, who are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses and be deprived of access to treatments. Larissa May, founder of #HalftheStory, will explain how equitable education is pivotal for recognizing signs of mental health issues, eroding stigma, and, ultimately, unplugging in a healthy way.

About the Speaker

Larissa May

Larissa May (Larz) is a global marketing guru and founder of #HalfTheStory (HTS), a non-profit dedicated to empowering the next generation’s relationship with social media.

In 2020, Larz was named one of Business Insider’s Rising Stars in Brand Marketing for her role in launching multiple million-dollar ventures (Otherland and Kin Euphorics). She also created a grassroots community that pioneered a nationwide conversation about the importance of digital well-being for youth. Larz founded the Global Day of Unplugging, an internationally recognized day every August that encourages divesting from technology to plug back into life.

Larz was dubbed a digital wellness activist by Time, Forbes, Refinery29, Good Morning America, and NBC. To date, #HalfTheStory has become a leading youth 501(c)3, receiving over 30,000 stories of youth relating to the cause from 99 countries worldwide.

Larz’s work has permeated all facets of life and business, from political figures to technology leaders. You can follow her journey at @livinlikelarz and @halfthestory