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Evolve: Developing Your Brand for Justice and Equity

Increasingly, social justice movements have been pushed into the online sphere and social media has been leveraged as a force for good. What does this new movement of online advocacy and changemaking look like? How do you build an authentic brand as an advocate for equity and move beyond performative social media? Join us for an interactive workshop on building your brand for justice and equity to explore social media as a tool for equity mobilization. 

About the Speakers

Pattie Gonia

Pattie Gonia (she/her) is an environmental advocate, outdoor community voice, and backpacking drag queen (and yes, Pattie really hikes in heels.) Our community exists to uplift LGBTQ people and allies in the outdoors and to exist as a platform to give other voices and organizations all the shine in the world. The Pattie Gonia team carries out this mission by creating uplifting and ethical social media content, hosting community events, and fundraising for non profit organizations (last year raised $200,000 for LGBTQ and outdoor nonprofits and an additional $125,000 for Black, female led outdoor non profits).

Outside of heels Wyn Wiley (he/him), a 29 year old born and raised Nebraskan, has worked as a photographer, speaker, teacher, and creative director for brands including Adidas, Red Bull and Disney as well as a number of non-profits around the world. Last year, on a weeklong backpacking trip in Colorado, Wyn put on high heels and strutted for the first time as Pattie Gonia, her first video garnering more than 100 million views across platforms.

Since the birth of Pattie Gonia, Wyn/Pattie have focused their efforts on their personal journey of using drag as a way to explore self identity, sexuality, and the natural world. And so, the journey of Pattie is both extremely personal and also exists as a social and environmental justice platform.

Crystal Daniels