Through their shared corps experience, alumni form lifelong personal and professional relationships and rely on each other as a source of jobs, mentoring, support, and inspiration. Teach For America alumni summits are one way we work to strengthen this network, foster connections, and advance our collective thinking.

Past Alumni Summits

Over the past few years, hundreds of alumni convened in regional alumni summits across the country, including in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, North Carolina, Boston, and Chicago. These summits allowed alumni to:

  • Learn from alumni and other leaders in policy, education, social enterprise, health, government, and the private sector about ways they have worked to effect change.
  • Reconnect with Teach For America to strengthen our alumni community, learn the latest organizational developments and goals, and discover how they can lend their support.
  • Access skills, knowledge, and volunteer and career opportunities through interactive workshops, an opportunities fair, and more.
  • Network with hundreds of professionals who are deeply committed to our vision.

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Alumni Educators Conference

The Teach For America Educators Conference is designed for alumni who work directly in schools and school systems and seeks to foster celebration, community, and persistence in education; to provide professional development and leadership opportunities; and to explore the trends and complexities of education systems across the country. This year, the conference will be July 17-18 in Las Vegas. We’re excited to also welcome Las Vegas Valley students and family members to join the conference and engage in programming especially designed to support their leadership.

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Alumni Educators Conference

July 17-18, 2014 in Las Vegas. Get more details here


On Feb. 12, 2011 nearly 11,000 individuals gathered in D.C. to discuss what it will take to achieve educational equity.

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