The quality of school a child attends often determines her ability to succeed in life. Transformational schools ensure that underserved students can become globally competitive, thoughtful, caring citizens who are prepared to shape their own pathways in life. These schools also prove that excellence is possible for all children – no matter their background.
Great schools can’t exist without strong school leaders. If we want to achieve educational equity for all kids, we must do our part to cultivate more outstanding principals who can lead transformational schools. Our alumni are and can continue to be part of a broader force of principals ensuring all students in their schools receive an excellent education, and we are committed to supporting our alumni on their journeys to becoming empowered, bold school leaders. 
As you can see in the alumni profiles below, there are many different paths to school leadership. Some alumni move into school leadership through internal leadership pathways inside their school district or charter management organization. Others pursue traditional graduate school programs, and still others join organizations that specifically focus on training school leaders. Below is a list of a number of pathways that a large number of alumni pursue. However, there are many other pathways, both nationally and local to your region, that may turn out to be the right fit for your own journey to school leadership. In addition to reviewing the options below, we recommend that you reach out to your local Alumni Affairs team member(s) to discuss opportunities in your area.  
Don’t see an AA team in your area? Email the national team at and we’ll connect you with someone who can help.

Profiles of Alumni in School Leadership

Nigena Livingston (Detroit Corps '02)

  • Principal, University Prep Middle School, Detroit, MI
  • Taught sixth and eighth grade science at Dursee K-8 in Detroit
  • Served as a program director in Miami before becoming the director of instruction and a founding member of Cleveland Lighthouse Community School, a charter school started by alumnus Niloy Gangopadhyay (Bay Area '02)

Linda Munro (Greater Newark Corps ‘02)

  • Founder and Principal, Waterside School for Leadership, Queens, NY
  • Taught for six years in public and charter schools as a second grade common branch and sixth grade math teacher before becoming a dean of students to support teachers in building a school-wide culture of high expectations
  • Pursued school leadership through the New York City Leadership Academy Aspiring Principals Program

District Pathways

Please consult your local district and/or connect with your local Alumni Affairs staff to explore pathways that may be available in your district.  A few of the larger pathway programs in public districts include:
  • Chicago Public Schools Leadership Collaborative
  • Denver Leads
  • New York City Aspiring Principals Program

Hybrid Programs
(Joint School District and Graduate School Partnerships)

Internal Charter School Pathways

Principal Preparation Non-profits

Graduate School Pathways

Browse our complete list of graduate school partnerships.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about the Alumni School Leadership team and how we can support your journey to school leadership, contact the national team at, or reach out to your local Alumni Affairs team.


"Urban education in the U.S. is broken and it is failing kids who really need the opportunities most. It will take the will of impact players like Teach For America corps members to take up this mission and make our nation a better nation."

Joel Klein
Former Chancellor
New York City Department of Education