The Educational Leadership Initiative began in 2006 and works across the field of education to help alumni create transformative change at the classroom, the school, and the system levels. We believe that Teach For America alumni are uniquely positioned to help meet the growing demand for exceptional teacher-leaders, building administrators, principals, and district leaders in charter, district, and independent schools across the country.

Currently, more than 775Teach For America alumni serve as school leaders and superintendents in 37 states and the District of Columbia—impacting the lives of more than 500,000 students. Though each has pursued a different path, these alumni all bring the lessons they learned as successful corps members into their principal or superintendent roles.

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About 10,000 of our alumni are still teaching, with an innumerable impact on student achievement and the national conversation about what is possible for all students. Together, these alumni are dramatically impacting the academic success of thousands of students and playing a vital role in the movement to end educational inequity.

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Read corps members’ personal accounts about institute and their teaching experiences on the Teach For Us independent blog site.

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