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Brave Education Summits Brave Education Summits

Corps members at the Brave Summit.

Build relationships and share experiences as LGBTQ+ and allied leaders.


Through education, Teach For America’s National Prism Alliances along with our allies and partners strive to increase visibility, inclusion, and support for LGBTQ+ students and educators from all backgrounds.

LGBTQ+ corps members, early admitted corps members, alumni, staff, community members, and allies are invited to attend the Brave Education Virtual Summits in the fall. At the summits, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop, not only individually but collectively, as leaders hoping to impact schools and systems. You’ll find opportunities for mentorship and connection with TFA alumni and corps members in regions you may serve. You’ll also discover a supportive community inclusive of internal and external partners who play a key role in advancing safer and braver classrooms for LGBTQ+ students.

“I don’t have any spaces that feel as comfortable, open, and queer-friendly as this at school and I appreciate everyone here a lot.”

Early Admitted Corps Member



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As a corps member, you can also join TFA's national groups for identity-based alliances and initiatives to connect with others across the TFA network who share similar backgrounds and interests.


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