Meet the Innovators: Liz Chen, Dale Hammer, and Grayson Cooper

An introduction to three Symantec Innovation in Teaching Awards finalist from Conway, NC.
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Over the next few weeks, we’re introducing you to the 10 finalists in the Symantec Innovation in Teaching Awards. Meet the teachers who are changing the way their students learn.

Liz, Dale, and Grayson established the Northampton Summer STEM Program—a four-week summer program that challenges students to think critically, work as a team, and embrace a growth mindset.

During the first summer, 43 students from Northampton County High School and KIPP Pride High School completed project-based courses in math and science and an introductory computer science course. Students developed websites for small businesses in Roanoke Valley, learning how to maintain professional relationships.

In addition to gaining content knowledge, participants reported their attitudes changed favorably towards STEM majors and careers.

In summer 2014, more than 100 students will join the program, which will be broadened to include an advanced computer science course, a formal leadership component, and a stronger focus on engineering. Ultimately, Liz, Dale, and Grayson hope to produce a transferable curriculum so the program can be replicated across Eastern North Carolina.

“Having a growth-mindset means you can use experiences that others often view as failures in order to better yourself.”

-Austin Watkins, senior and program participant



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