Dear Mr. President

Are you listening? Our students have something to tell you.
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wondering what students want the newly-elected President to focus on for the next four years? Well, we asked them. And as it turns out, they’ve got a lot on their minds.

"If only I could talk to the president, imagine all the things that could be done." E.E., 5th grade

An image of a young person's letter to the president, complaining about crime and violence in their neighborhood.


"Congratulations. I hope you are great at it." R.B., 6th grade

A child's "Dear Mr President" letter on an American flag asking questions about inequality in schools.



"If you focus on these things, I believe that things will get better." A.N., 9th grade

A black and white image of a high school student's letter to the president, asking for ideas to help working parents and income inequality.


“Una forma en que podemos resolver este problema es cambiando a fuentes de energía más limpias." F.S.B., 7th grade

A middle-school student's letter to the president, in Spanish, asking about solutions to global issues.

Translation: Dear Mr. President: This is a letter about global warming. I think this is a very important subject because it concerns the entire country of the United States. I also think that as a country we can work together to make a change. One way we can solve this problem is by changing to cleaner energy sources. Also to help other countries do the same thing. According to EPA the level of the sea has risen six to eight inches in the last decade. Think about what can happen to us in the future. For a better future in the United States, I think it’s time for a change. If this continues like this the polar glaciers will melt and the sea levels will drown the coasts of the United States. 


“I see some kids working for their families and that is not fair. They have to go to school, not work.” -A.A., 6th grade

Copy of a sixth grader's letter to the president, asking for support for the children of immigrants.


“I suggest that middle schools should get better and healthier school food.” -I., 6th grade

A child's letter to the president asking for uniform school lunches for better health and fairness.


“To hear on television and on the radio that we’re not number one for education upsets me.” N., 7th grade

A middle-school student's letter to the president asking for smaller class sizes.


“America is in an economic slump, and it’s getting worse each day.” -M.M., Middle School

A middle-school student's letter to the president asking for a solution to the economic trouble brought about by income inequality.


“I’m writing you to find out how you plan to make college loans less expensive.” -S., High School

A 9th grader's letter to the president, asking for better supports for college affordability.


“I want people that don’t have papers to stay. My mom and dad don’t have papers and I don’t want them to go.” -Student, 6th grade

A sixth-grader's letter to the president, asking for clemency for illegal immigrants.

Editors’ Note: This post would not have been possible without the help of several corps members and alums. Pass The Chalk would like to thank:  Subha Ahmed (New York ’12); Kristi Conklin (Charlotte ’12); Crystal Lane (New York ‘12); Blair Mishleau (Twin Cities ’12); Ariana Santiago (Metro Atlanta '10); and Robert Rigonan (Las Vegas ’12). Thank you for all the work that you do—your dedication inspires us every day!

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