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Bex Young spent the first 13 years of her life in the United Kingdom before moving to Florida to begin her life as a new and proud American. She became addicted to the internet when she discovered that both Geocities and Angelfire were great hosts for websites featuring her poetry. Although she went to Florida State University, and later, George Washington University for political management, Bex has also maintained her youthful love of the world wide web. She took classes on marketing, PR, and new media in an effort to blend together technology, internet, and her love of social advocacy. She is now the director of digital engagement for Teach For America, where she handles all things social media and takes a leading role in designing and executing the organization’s national social media strategy.  Her hobbies include: working out, social media, dancing, and office pranks.


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Check out the highlights from Twitter: #gather4ed. Disclaimer: The conversation around #gather4ed and #CBCFALC2013 on Twitter was incredibly this storify only captures some moments. We encourage you to hop on Twitter and check out the larger conversation.

The 2014 Teach For America application is now live and peeps are sharing their excitement on social media.

This week 300+ Teach For America corps members, staff & alumni gathered in Houston for our 2nd annual Latino Summit. Here's their story as told by social media.

Learn more about S.A.F.E. Classrooms and how you can get involved:

Hey y'all, @BexwithanX here. Last week we all celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week, and it was AWESOME. Here are some of the highlights from us and others in the social media world. PS: Don't forget to celebrate teachers year round. They deserve the love.


First the Pope, and then Wendy Kopp! This week Teach For America announced that its founder and CEO would become chairman of the board and welcomed Elisa Villanueva Beard and Matt Kramer as its new co-CEOs! Here are some highlights of reactions to the big news I've seen out there in the Twitterverse.

Hey y'all, @Bexwithanx here. The editorial team asked me to write a piece highlighting the social media buzz around the back-to-school season...and in true back-to-school fashion, I waited until the last moment to load up my back-to-school blog backpack. One more day of vacation, anyone? Just kidding, this is an exciting time, folks! 

Students and teachers are gearing up for the new school year. Some teachers are starting their journey, setting up their very first classroom, and making sure their lesson plans are perfected. Veteran teachers (can we call them heroes?) are getting ready for another year, well equipped with memories and lessons from school years past. Here are some highlights of what I've seen out there on the web from the Teach For America network.

Sit down, have a glass of Teach For America Kool-Aid with me for a second. I'd like to talk to you about social media and you. Now, if you support Teach For America in any way, then make sure you toe the party line.You know: No individuality allowed! Remember, we all have ONE opinion and Teach For America can say it all for you...

Okay, so I am just kidding (seriously, I am). The Teach For America network is nearly 40,000 strong and full of diverse opinions on how to close the achievement gap, and we couldn't seriously represent all of those viewpoints in one voice. Still, the truth is that even though we’ve never wanted our network to be of one voice, we haven’t always actively encouraged our folks to share their own opinions online. We want to change that because we know how important it is for all of us to be out there sharing our perspectives and fostering a robust dialogue on the issues and their solutions. That's why we decided to get our thoughts on social media down on paper. Our philosophy, for the most part, is directed towards corps members, alumni, and staff—but hopefully it gives anyone who's interested a sense of how important we think social media is in the broader effort to change mindsets and close the achievement gap. Plus, we think some of the ideas here are just plain common sense.

Hi, I'm @BexwithanX (Bex Young) and I manage social media at Teach For America. Every summer, thousands of new Teach For America corps members descend on cities across the U.S. For 5 weeks, they live, eat, and breathe teaching. They also laugh, bond (trust falls, anyone?), and chug gallons of coffee as they go through a grueling but rewarding training process. This might be the moment where you ask: What is Teach For America? and/or, why do these individuals give up their summer and the sleep!? Well, Teach For America takes our most promising future leaders and asks them to teach in high-need schools for at least two years. Our teachers have the incredible opportunity to take on one of our countries most challenging jobs and help kids learn, grow, and become future leaders themselves. It wont be easy, but it will be worthwhile.

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