Appreciating Teachers: A Note from TFA’s Co-CEOs

Matt Kramer and Elisa Villanueva Beard offer thanks, during Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond.
Friday, May 9, 2014
A middle-aged bald man and a middle-aged woman with short graying hair, arms around each other in front of a Teach for America logo, smiling.


Today, we’re reaching out with our gratitude to all teachers. Whether you’re in the corps, an alumnus, a colleague, or a friend, we’re honoring you this week. While we wish it didn’t take a designated week to remind the world to celebrate teachers, we’re nevertheless glad it’s happening!

We know there are days when it’s overwhelming—we know there are days when you leave school emotionally drained, intellectually spent, and physically exhausted. But we’ve also heard from so many of you about the days when you know you’re in the right field: the days when you know you’re making a difference, when you feel the great privilege of knowing the future leaders of this country.

(And on the days when those future leaders are throwing paper and putting their heads down on desks, we know it’s hard to feel appreciated—and we’re sending you strength for those moments!)

As co-CEOs, we’ve had the chance to meet teachers all across the country. We’ve been truly impressed—there’s no group of people that we admire more.

Thank you.

– Matt and Elisa


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