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Application Process

The once-in-a-lifetime journey starts here. Discover what it takes to apply to TFA.
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Are You Eligible?

Before you start your application, check your eligibility status:


Not sure about your eligibility?

If you don't meet all of the three criteria above, you may still be eligible. Check our Admissions FAQs (below) for more specific information about our admissions policies and for frequently asked questions.

Special Info for Immigrants & Refugees

We are also committed to supporting immigrants and refugees who want to teach. If this applies to you, check out our Admissions FAQs to learn more.

Admissions FAQs

Choose Your Application Window

Whether you’re a college student navigating midterms and student organizations or a working professional seeking new opportunities, we have an application window that fits your schedule! Review our application deadlines and choose when you’re going to apply.

Submit Early. Find Out Fast!

Apply by Sept. 18 to get an interview decision by Sept. 26
Apply by Oct. 30 to get an interview decision by Nov. 8

Submit your application by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 18 2023 Oct. 30 2023

Feb. 5 2024

Mar. 15 2024
2024 Critical Needs Deadline

Apr. 19 2024
Early Admission

Learn if you're invited to an interview (after 3 p.m. ET) Sept. 26 Nov. 8 Feb. 13 Mar. 22 Apr. 26
Interview sign-up and recommender contact info due Oct. 8 Nov. 15 Feb. 23 Mar. 30 May 3
Attend your interview Sept. 29 - Oct. 11 Nov. 12 - 18 Feb. 16 - 26 Mar. 26 - Apr. 2 Apr. 30 - May 6
Submit coursework info + confirm/update regions selected Oct. 12 - 13 Nov. 19 - 22 Feb. 27 - 29 Apr. 3 - 4 May 5 - 8
Learn your admissions decision + regional/subject placement (after 3 p.m. ET) Oct. 26 Dec. 6 Mar. 12 Apr. 15 May 20
Accept or decline your offer Nov. 3 Dec. 14 Mar. 20 Apr. 22 TBD

College juniors can apply to the Early Admission deadline! 

We know where you work and live are important factors when making decisions about your future. If you are a junior or co-terming senior, you will be assigned to teach in your top preferred regional location as long as you meet the local qualifications to teach. Since you’ll be among the first to apply for the 2025 corps, you’ll be able to choose any of our regions, as long as you meet the qualifications to teach in that location. 

Benefits to Applying Early to the 2025 Corps

When you apply early to the 2025 corps, you will unlock several opportunities to develop your teaching and DEI skills, grow your professional network, connect with your region, and guarantee a spot in your top region of choice. Benefits include:

  • Auto admission to our Ignite paid internship, which provides a full year to hone your teaching and leadership skills
  • Guaranteed placement in your top region of choice
  • Opportunities to connect with your placement region and begin to build your local network of fellow corps members, alumni, and community leaders

Fill Out An Online Application

Working towards the day when all children have an equitable, excellent education is rewarding and challenging. If you have what it takes to help us reach our goal, here’s what you need to do to apply to become a Teach For America corps member.

1. Confirm Eligibility

Complete our eligibility quiz to make sure you have the basic requirements covered. 

2. Create an Account

Start an account in our Applicant Center to work on your TFA application at any time and save your work.

3. Fill Out Application & Upload Documents

Our online application requires you to convey basic information, upload required documents, and share your experiences through 300-400 word written reflections. Unlike some other job applications, our application process is designed to gather all your qualifications so we can thoroughly assess you as a candidate before a possible interview. It includes the following:

Application Sections

  • Fill out your personal information
  • Describe your interest in joining TFA
  • Describe your leadership experience
  • Indicate the region you'd like to work in

Necessary Documents

  • Your most updated resume
  • School history

We encourage you to take the time to ensure your application properly showcases your unique personality, strengths, and talent.

4. Submit Interview Time Preferences

Share your interview availability. Our virtual interviews are approximately 90 minutes and are on a weekday. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our online application process, visit our Admissions FAQs page.

Admissions FAQs

Attend an Interview

In your interview, it’s your chance to highlight why you’re interested in fighting for an equitable future for children and how you can help us do the same. Here’s what to expect from our process: 

1. Prepare for Your Interview

Before your interview, have the following things ready:

  • Contact information for your recommenders
  • Submitted references 
  • An uploaded transcript
  • A prepared 5-minute sample teaching lesson
  • A prepared proposal for a case study on racial disparities

*Applicants should upload their transcript and the contact information of their recommenders as soon as possible after being invited to interview, as transcripts and recommendations are required to receive an offer to join the corps.

2. Day of Your Interview

On the day of your interview, log in into your Applicant Center account and join a Zoom interview. Here, you will:

  • Receive a brief overview of TFA and our mission
  • Deliver a 5-minute sample lesson. Your interviewer will be your student!
  • Share your case study proposal with your interviewer  
  • Tell us about your experiences and attributes
  • Ask questions at the end if you have any 

If you have any questions or concerns about the interview process, check out our Admissions FAQs page to learn more.

Admissions FAQs

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Check out these resources as you put together your application and prepare for an interview. 

Kenneth Robinson helps a young child with a drawing project

Select Your Region(s), Subject, and Grade

When submitting an application, select 1, 2, or 3 regions where you’d be excited to receive an offer. Or, let us know you’re open to going to a region where the need is greatest. You can also tell us you're not sure yet. 

After your interview, you'll have the opportunity to revisit your original regional selection(s) or choose your region or regions if you did not choose any originally. Remember, if you are admitted to the corps, you’ll receive an offer from one of the regions on your list – so make selections with this in mind. It is acceptable to list only one region. You’ll also indicate your preferred subjects that you are interested in teaching. To find the best schools and community to match your interests and skills, here are things to consider when making your choices:

Choosing your Preferred Subjects

Your preferred subjects will differ based on specific regional or educational requirements. As you select where you want to teach, be sure to do your research by using our Compare Regions Tool to look at important factors like cost of living, certification, and requirements.

Choosing your Region

Summer training must be completed in your region, which starts in late May-early June. To explore the unique differences in our 40+ TFA regions, use our Explore Map or Compare Regions Tool. If admitted, we will use your selected region(s) to finalize your offer.

Things to keep in mind when selecting regions:

  • Cost of living
  • Travel expenses 
  • Certification and Masters requirements
  • Subject qualifications 
  • Graduation date prerequisites

Resources for Choosing a Region

Learn more about how corps members are matched to regions and research where you'd like to teach. 

Confirm Your Acceptance

Yay, you’re accepted! 

You will learn if you are accepted about 2 weeks after you finalize your region and subject selections. You’ll receive your acceptance, placement, and subject notification through email and the applicant center.

Lock in your spot! 

Once you’ve been notified, you’ll have 10 days to decide whether or not the TFA corps is right for you. If admitted, you can officially accept your offer in the Applicant Center. The specific dates for this step can be found in the deadline table above.

Once you have officially accepted the offer to become a Teach For America corps member, you will take further steps with your region to find and secure a teaching job.

Take another path.

There are countless pathways available for you to do social good and help expand opportunities for all. If you’re not offered a spot in the corps, you’ll receive information about several partner organizations, graduate school programs, and opportunities where you can put your talent to use!  If you’d like to re-apply, you can do that the following year, as applicants can only apply once per academic year.

Start an Application

Now that your know all about our process, let's start your application! 
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